Reflection-Week 6A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week I have been learning about formal division or long division. This strategy is extremely helpful and speeds up figuring out large problems. The main thing I learnt in these sessions is that if the two numbers you are working with can’t be divided then you write a zero and carry the number in front of the next and it becomes that number. If you are at the last number you can either write R (how many remainders you have) or convert your remainder into fractions or percentages.


Today in writing I begun a seed. At first I couldn’t think about what to write but then I thought of food. I wrote about this because there is lots of description you can put in such as, taste, feel, look and smell. All of the categories can have so much description and I think I will have a great piece once I am done. I am planning on writing about foods such as hamburgers and sandwiches.


During inquiry today our class went to supa tramp to film the first half of the promo films we will be creating. The shots we filmed while we were there were, feet bouncing, front flips, tricks, airbag, dodge ball, basketball rings, rock walls and everyone bouncing on the tramps. To make the film we will select the best footage edit it and put some appropriate songs behind the footage. Tomorrow we will be going to Torquay to film the rest.

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