Learning Reflection

Hello this is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths this week I have been practicing my formal division skills. I learnt that it is quite similar to addition and multiplication but has some key differences such as if your number cant be divided by your other number you write a zero and carry the number in front of the next one and it becomes that number. I have learnt this week how to do formal division and I have improved my tree diagram skills and understanding.


During writing today I wrote most of a haiku about summer. The purpose of my piece is to excite people for summer. While writing this piece I focused on alliteration which means to use the same letter repeatedly in a sentence, so far I have written “Scorching summer sun

softly serenades me

summer see you soon”

Today I learnt what the word alliteration means and the amount of syllables you have to have in a haiku.


Today in inquiry we worked on our student led conference sheets. In the sheet we wrote what subject we were doing, what we are to present, what we would talk about and what we learnt. The subject I chose were Inquiry, Maths, English, PE, French and IProject. For Inquiry I will present my excursion shotlist, for maths I will present our shape animations, for English I will present the writing process, for PE I will show my hurdle technique and what I learnt, for IProject I will  show what I have done so far and in French I will read I section of reading to show how my pronunciation has improved.


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