IProject-Week 8B

Hello this is my final IProject post.

During this term my IProject has been to learn a new 3D printing program in which you code shapes instead of dragging and dropping them. So far I have made a simple nut and bolt, a coffin and many test shapes larning how to use the program. I have learnt in this program how to create shapes, change the shape of shapes, connect shapes, move shapes, take away one shape from another, fill the space between several shapes, change how many faces a shape has and lots more.

Here is a picture of one of my test shape. In this shape I connected the space between cylinders to make it.

This is my coffin and I added the spike on the bottom to make it look better.

Before presenting I plan to print my design and if there are any problems I will fix them and print again. I can’t wait to learn this program well enough to make complex shapes and designs.

Round cube

Reading Log-Week 8B


My book

My book

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

BOOK = “Hester and Harriet”

TASK = To create a 4 strip comic about a scene from the book we are reading.

My scene is about the bad character trying to find Daria who is in hiding from him because he wants to kill her because he thinks she knows about his company, and when he does not get the answer from Finbar who lives in a bus shelter and knows about daria he beats him up until he cracks.WIN_20160830_190900

Here is my comic.


Reflection Week 8A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week we have focused on revision. I decided to revise my “BIDMAS”. BIDMAS is the rule that you use to solve a maths problem with more than one symbol. The acronym is the order in which you are to solve each symbol. here is what each letter means, B=brackets, I=indices, M=multiplication, A=addition and S=subtraction. If the equation has only subtraction and addition or division and multiplication you solve the problem from left to right.


In writing today we talked about seeds. A seeds purpose is to write about a topic, get your ideas on the page and make the writing process easier. A seed should consist of good description, text types, enough content and colour. From a seed you should be able to write more than one piece.


In Inquiry this week we have all begun editing our promo films. Some of the things I have included in my film are time-lapse, slo-mo and Cutting the same clip into several parts. The film is required to go for one minute and thirty seconds and have footage from each class. When editing we had to remember to have the film in chapters of each location, my film went supa-tramp, Torquay, Eastern beach, bike track and Balyang.

Reading Log-Week 7A

Hello this is my weekly reading log

BOOK-Hester And Harriet


Who / What am I? Think about a character, setting or thing from a recently read book. Create at least 8 Who/What am I? quiz question. Ensure each clue adds information from the clue before, leading to the most obvious clue at the end.

1.I am small, 2.I am new, 3.I have short hair, 4.I sleep a lot, 5.I can’t speak, 6.I eat mushy food, 7.I drink milk,8.I cry a lot

I am Milo a baby.




Reflection-Week 7A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths today we started a new problem. The problem was about a pool table and the amount times a ball bounces before it goes in, here is the question. There is a pool table with a grid across the face with only four holes one on each corner, if the ball comes out of one whole and goes straight until it hits a wall then rebounds on a 45 degree angle, How many bounces will it take to go into another whole if the ball never slows? We discovered that the line in which the ball goes creates a checker pattern and towards the end we found out the grid numbers for the length of each side added together then minus two is the amount of bounces so I think the rule for any grid could be VS(vertical side)+HS(horizontal side)-2=A(answer).


During writing today I wrote a seed about “winter vs summer” I wrote this because I prefer winter over summer and I will write a persuasive piece about why you should prefer winter. Some of the things I wrote in the seed are, the comforting crackle of a warm fire, fresh gentle droplets gathering and huge giants covered in white reaching out to the clouds. I decided to write a persuasive because I haven’t written one yet and it will be something different.


Today in inquiry I worked on my advertising film. Everyone in our group shared the footage around onto a usb. But before we shared we had to convert the footage we needed too to mp4 clips. So far I have all the footage from my group and I have transferred it to Corel so I am ready to begin editing.


Hello this is my next IProject post.

For my IProject this term I decide to 3D print things.

At the beginning I decided to make a few things on tinkercad (a simple printing program) to remind myself about how to do everything. Here is what I made.

Poke Balls

poke ball



connecter toys


After making these I decided to find a new program in which I could create more complex designs. It took I while but recently I have found a program called “OpenScad”. In this program instead of dragging and dropping you write a coding language to create shapes, I am in the process of learning the language and I have so far made a simple bolt and a few other simple shapes, I cant put pictures in because I can not currently open the program for some reason.

I am exited to learn this program better and make some cool designs.


Reading Log

bookHello this is my weekly reading log.

TASK = The task this week is to chose a book from our childhood that was our favorite.

The book I have chosen is “Where The Wild Things Are”.

Q1.This was my favorite book because it had mythical creatures in it and had a interesting storyline.

Q2.The person who read the book to me the most was my grandpa because he used to always read to me before bed.

Q3.I was around five years old when I first heard this story.

Q4.My favorite characters in the story are the wild things because they are loud and big.

Q5.The book made me feel interested because of what happens and happy when max gets home and has dinner.


Reflection-Week 6A

Hello this is my weekly reflection.


During maths this week I have been learning about formal division or long division. This strategy is extremely helpful and speeds up figuring out large problems. The main thing I learnt in these sessions is that if the two numbers you are working with can’t be divided then you write a zero and carry the number in front of the next and it becomes that number. If you are at the last number you can either write R (how many remainders you have) or convert your remainder into fractions or percentages.


Today in writing I begun a seed. At first I couldn’t think about what to write but then I thought of food. I wrote about this because there is lots of description you can put in such as, taste, feel, look and smell. All of the categories can have so much description and I think I will have a great piece once I am done. I am planning on writing about foods such as hamburgers and sandwiches.


During inquiry today our class went to supa tramp to film the first half of the promo films we will be creating. The shots we filmed while we were there were, feet bouncing, front flips, tricks, airbag, dodge ball, basketball rings, rock walls and everyone bouncing on the tramps. To make the film we will select the best footage edit it and put some appropriate songs behind the footage. Tomorrow we will be going to Torquay to film the rest.

Iraq’s Culture

Hello this post is about Iraq’s Culture.

A. What are the differences  B. What are the similarities  C. If you lived in this culture, what would be interesting and what would be challenging.


A. The main differences between Australia and Iraq are the clothing, the foods and the religion. I picked these because they are definitely the most different to our culture.

B. The similarities between the countries are both countries play soccer as a sport and they have parades. I picked soccer because there are not many similarities between both countries and soccer is a popular sport in both countries.

C. If I lived in their culture I would find the different food and clothing interesting and I would be challenged by eating the different food because I don’t like many types of food.


Reading Log-Week 5A

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

BOOK  =  N.E.R.D.S

FOCUS = watching words, Locate and record various words from your book which describe the following:


Jackson-bully, lazy and shiftless


Rocket ship take off-horrified, screamed and belly flipped


North Pole-freezing, numbing and cold


lonely, sad, pleasing and world on his shoulders


This book is about a secret spy corporation called nerds. They consist of nerds with enhanced weaknesses. So far the book is quite good and I can’t wait to read more.