Reading Log – Week 3A

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

BOOK – Demon Dentist   TASK – PMI (plus minus interesting) on a character

The character I will choose from my book is Raj the news agent.

PLUS = He gives free lollies to the children, he helps the main character a lot and he’s nice to everyone

MINUS = His shop’s really messy and things aren’t in there place, lots of his food is out of date and most his food is half eaten.

INTERESTING = His wife eats some of the food in the shop at night and his wife falls through the roof at one point.

I am a few pages away from finishing this book and I am exited to finish it.

One thought on “Reading Log – Week 3A

  1. Thats a really good book! I have read all of his books. Sounds about right what you said about the PMI 🙂
    But i don’t remember the wife eating the food..

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