Learning Reflection-Week 3A

Hello this post is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths today I completed a few worded maths problems. For example “there is 18 islands on each map and you have 12 maps, how many maps are there all together?”. For these questions you take each number in the questions and times them together, then the question becomes 18 x 12. I figured out the answer by splitting the questing making it 10 x 10 = 100 and 2 x 8 = 16, 100 + 16 = 11


During writing this week I wrote a seed about snakes. I chose snakes because I am scared of them which means I can put more emotion into the piece. I think my piece will be about me being glued to the floor while a snake slowly approaches, the piece will be only a few seconds long and a small period of time but I will put as much description as possible into the small scene.


In inquiry today we found out what we will be doing as our next task. Our next task will be to create a small film promoting Geelong. The films will be made by kids for kids. We will film the most fun and interesting attractions and places to go in Geelong for someone who has never been here. Once these films are made some of them will be put on a website that purely advertises for Geelong.


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