IProject – Week 3A

Hello this is my second IProject post.

I have decided for my IProject I will be making a song in mixcraft from the sounds from the classroom and possibly a video to accompany it. I will use sounds such as pens clicking, pencil cases opening and lockers closing.

The first step will be to record sounds, I will complete this step by recording a few sounds each day in the booths for the next few days. I will be recording sounds such as keys being pressed and a pencil writing.

After that I will make the song. The song will be made in mixcraft and I am planning to make the song entirely form the sounds I record and go for about three minutes or longer.

If I complete the song too early I will begin the video, the video will be videos of the actions that made the sounds replayed when the sound is replayed in the song.

I am quite exited to begin my song and share my final product.

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