Learning Reflection – Week 2B

Hello this is my weekly learning reflection.


During maths today we practiced a strategy called carrying. When using the carrying strategy you work on each place value column separately. If your problem is addition and the place value column your working on reaches over ten you write the number in the ones column and above the next column number write the value in the second. My favourite strategies are compensation and carrying.


During writing this week we learned about procedural text. A procedural text is a piece of writing telling people how to do something in steps. We learned that they contain methods, a goal, commands and sometimes pictures of the process. I have just finished my procedural text called “How To Throw A Frisbee. While writing my goal was to write the steps very clearly so even if you have never seen a Frisbee you should be able to throw it by reading my steps.


During the past four inquiry sessions we have been working on information narratives about digital citizenship. The first step to writing our narratives was to choose a section of the digital citizenship footprint. The section my partner and I chose was profile (only use your first name and do not give away your personal information ). The next step was to write your narrative.

The final step of the writing process was to get feedback from three people as you can see from the three names at the bottom of the story.

Next we chose appropriate pictures to assist our story and after that a song. We added these components into corel and begun recording our story.



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