Learning Reflection-Week 1 – Term 3

Hello this post is a reflection on what subjects we have had this week.


During maths this week we have focused on a problem call building views. In building views you have a 4 x 4 grid and 30 blocks. There is a diagram of the grid with a certain number in each square, whatever number is in the square is the amount of blocks that you place there. After you have placed all the blocks you look at the blocks on a side view and draw what shape it is. Once we had done every diagram we looked at a drawing of the blocks on there side and had to re-create it without the diagram. I think I worked well because I completed all the diagrams and had a few variations for the last problem.


During English today we focused on our seeds. We talked about why the seed is an important part of the writing process. The seed is important because it helps you get all your ideas down, it makes the draft writing much easier and it is 40% of the writing process


During Inquiry yesterday we learnt about how people communicate. I learnt that there are 4 stages to communication, they are DISCUSS, DEBATE, AURGUE and FIGHT. After we learnt this we got into groups of three and with one director and two actors. The actors had a topic and would progress through the stages at the command of the director. I think I worked well and had a great session.

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