IProject Post – Week 1 – TERM 3

Hello this post is the first post of my new IProject.

The ideas I have had so far for this IProject is to make a song on mixcraft from the noises in the classroom overlaid and replayed, I also might make my IProject to learn some tricks with my remote control helicopter, I could also make my IProject to reach level 15 on Pokémon GO and finally if my birds lay eggs I will record the progression of the egg and eventually the baby.

I could make the song by recording people in the sound booths making various noises like sharpening a pencil or tapping a keyboard. Then I would edit the noises into a song.

I would learn tricks on my helicopter by practicing I would learn tricks like a trustfall or flying it really low to the ground.

I would level up on Pokémon GO by laying and I could record what Pokémon I caught and where I went.

I would record the progression of the egg by taking daily photos or a constant video sped up and edited.

I am really exited to begin my next IProject.

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