IProject Reflection – Week 10

Block maniaHello in this post I will be reflecting on my IProject presentation.

Today I shared my game that I have created for my IProject this term. I enjoyed sharing because everyone liked playing my game and I received some great feedback such as “add a timer” so you have to finish the levels in a certain time and also have a timer highscore that everyone Is able to see while playing.

I think I worked well on my game and ended with a great final product. I think I could improve with my presenting by explaining the process I went through to make the game and showing some scripts that make certain parts work. I could also share some difficulties and problems that I encountered in the process of making the game.


Here is a link to my game if you have any time to play please comment feedback or suggestions below.


IProject – Week 9

Hello this is my final IProject post.

After a lot of work and persistence I have finished my game and I am preparing to present it to the class. I enjoyed this project because when I had spare time it gave me something to work on. My game is called Block Mania. In my game your player progresses through levels that slowly get harder. I am exited to present my project and see what others have made or done.

I am planning on presenting by picking someone to play my game while others watch to see how it works, then I will ask for questions and answer them. After the questions I will finally ask for feedback to improve my game.

I can’t wait to present and see what others think of my game

Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 9A-Reflection

reflection picHello this post is my weekly reflection where I will be reflecting on subjects I have had this week.


During maths today I begun my investigation on NBA audience average. The first step was to record all the averages for the NBA teams into a Microsoft Excel document. Then I highlighted the data and had a look at the charts to make my information simple and easy to read also making finding patters much easier. I think I worked well because I am up to the right step of the process. I enjoyed this session because the there was a lot of interesting charts.


In Inquiry and writing today to complete our final TED drafts we needed three people to read our scripts and agree with six dot points such as a hook and emotional language. After we had three names we had to take our script to a teacher and if they agreed with the dot points we could start recording. Once you finished recording you were ready to start your storyclip. I think I had productive sessions because I finished my final draft, recorded and have begun my storyclip.

WRITING – Since I have only had one session of writing since last post and in that session I worked on my ted script I have combined TED and WRITING.


Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 8B-Reading Log

stack of books on the dark wood background. toning. selective focus on the middle book

Hello this is my weekly reading log.

TASK – Book Recommendation

The book I will recommend is the book I am currently reading but nearing the end. The name is “The Great Escape”. I have recommended this book because I personally have really enjoyed it. The book is a true story about a boy from Geelong who went to fight during world war 2. While fighting he gets captured and what happens next is thrilling and exhilarating. I enjoyed it because it makes you feel in the characters position.

If you have any other recommendations please comment below.


Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 8B

blog picHello this post is about the subjects I have had this week.


During maths today we learnt about probability. I will explain the warmup we did. To explain probability we were presented with a coin then we chose heads or tales, if we were wrong we sat down. We repeated the process until there was no-one left. The chance of being wrong was 50% or 50/50 because there is two sides of the coin and equal chance for it to land on each side. I think I worked well and learnt a lot.


Today in inquiry I actioned the feedback that I received from the conference yesterday. The feedback was to give a little more information about bareback elephant riders and the rest of the endangered species. I completed my goals in this session and moved on to my imagery. We learnt that the images had to be good quality and the right size also accompanying the message well. I think I worked well and I am very close to finishing my second draft.


During writing this week we focused on our seeds. While writing our seeds we need to put a lot of thinking into the seed making the draft writing much easier. We also need to leave space for the text types at the bottom also explaining what the piece would be about.