Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 7A-Reading Log

blogHello this blog post is my weekly reading log.


My task this week is to create a poem about a certain character or aspect of the story I am reading.

I have decided to write a haiku. A haiku is a poem made up of three lines that all have a certain amount of syllables.

Here is my haiku about my book called “the great escape it is about world war two”. While writing this I focused on the riming aspect and the word choice of the poem.

Immense horrible fear (6)

fills my body from ear to ear (9)

as I hide deep in here. (6)

I like to write haikus because they are short and catchy and can be quite interesting.


Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 7A-Reflective Post

1Hello this post I will reflect on the subjects we have been doing this week.


In maths today our class did some problem solving questions. There were several questions arranged throughout the room. The question I will reflect on had several answers but I unfortunately got one. In the question there were 5 fractions that you had to arrange in a triangle, three fractions on each side. At the apex of the triangle there was a one. The task was to arrange the fractions so each side equaled the same amount. I used my prior knowledge from a session that I attended earlier this term and doubled the denominators and numerators to make common or like denominators making this question much easier.


During Inquiry sessions this week everyone finished there first draft for there Ted Talk scripts. My Ted is about how there are so many mistreated elephants in Vietnam and only roughly 70 wild elephants left in Vietnam. I thinked I worked well because I have a purposeful idea and message and got my script done by the due date.


In writing this week we have been writing haikus. Haikus are small poems made up of three lines. In a traditional haiku has three lines the first line 7 syllables the second 9 and the last 7 again. I think I worked well because I created a sequence of three haikus all about snakes.


Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 6B – Iproject

Hello this post is about my progress so far in my IProject.

Unfortunately my previous idea for the project had to many problems and I would not be able to complete it in the time limit. So now my project is to put one of my scratch games up on one of the screens in our classroom for a day for everyone to play, after they play the game they will be able to write feedback on a sheet of paper. Then I will read the feedback and improve my game, after improving the game I will make a project explaining how and what sections I fixed.

My progress so far with my project.

I have already finished the first section of this task by completing the game, it is called Olympic Hurdles (I am hoping for better name ideas)

The next step is to create a feedback document and gain permission to put up my game on one screen.

I am exited to get feedback to improve my game.

Hurdle Game


Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 6B – Reading Log

Hello in this post I will reveal 8 facts about the author of the book I am reading at the moment.

The author I will write about is Ernest Brough.

  1. Straight away I know from the book that he went to war at the age of nineteen, I know this because the book is about his life story.
  2. I also know that is uncle was Albert Jacka (a famous war officer).
  3. He was captured by the Germans at war and held captive in a prison camp.
  4. He delivered meat horse back in his teens.
  5. He rode a horse to school.
  6. He had to have all his teeth pulled out after he signed up for the army.
  7. When he was a child he lived in Geelong.
  8. He grew up between the 1920s and 1930s.

Unfortunately the book I am reading is the only one he has ever wrote so I can’t leave two other books he has wrote.

Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 6B – Reflection

Hello in this post I will write a reflection for each of the subjects I have attended in this week.

In maths today I completed the Maths Olympiad. The Maths Olympiad is a series of five difficult maths problems that you have 24 minutes to solve. In this test I think I did well and tried my hardest on each question. Unfortunately I couldn’t answer one of the questions due to lack of time and the difficult question. I think I could of worked better with spreading out my time throughout the questions so I might of been able to answer the last one.

During Inquiry this week we have begun the first step of our ted talk process. The first step is to begin the personal story script writing. My personal story is about how I witnessed elephants being mistreated while overseas at Vietnam. I think I worked well while writing the script because I worked efficiently and was able to complete the first draft of my story section.

In writing this week I was able to start publishing my first piece. This piece was about someone being chased this pieces goal was to create tension and describe fear while writing. I think I completed these goals and had purpose. When I started publishing I cut and pasted different coloured paper to create a road and begun writing my piece on the pavement. The next piece I have started to write is about snakes climbing over me.


Reading Log Week 5

This reading log is about interesting words I have found in my book. Below is a list of the words and the definitions.

  1. splayed. She flexed her fingers and splayed her hand. Definition, to spread out, expand, or extend.
  2. lackeys. A footman or liveried manservant.
  3. tendril. One woman is focused intently on wrapping and unwrapping a tendril of hair around her finger.
  4. This one I knew I just had not heard it very often. Exert. To put (oneself) into strenuous, vigorous action or effort.

If I come across any more unusual words this week I will re-edit this post and add them.

Personal Post week 5

Hello this is my personal post for the week.

Some of my interests are footy, basketball, foosball, 3D printing, athletics and thing like scratch.

I like foosball because it is fast and skillful. I enjoy 3D printing because 3D printers can create any design and are amazing. I like aths because there are so many different areas you can do like shot put or high jump. I find footy and basketball fun because you run and you have to make fast decisions.

Week 5 Reflection

Hello in this post I will be talking about what I have been doing this week.

In maths this week I have gone to a comparing fractions session in maths groups to improve my skills. In this session I learnt a great strategy to compare many fractions. The strategy is to simplify or double the denominator to match the other fraction or make it easier to compare. For example 3/8 and 4/16. If you half the second fraction it makes 2/8 and the question becomes 3/8 and 2/8 which is much easier to compare.

During writing today I attended a guru session in master class about audience. In the session I learnt about all the competitions that are held for writing such as 100 word challenge and write4fun. I am going to look further into write4fun in the short stories section. We looked at these competitions because if you are one of the winners you are given the opportunity to get your piece published expanding our audience.

In inquiry we have been focusing on our ted talks. We have started the first step of the script writing process. We were sent a word document with the sections of the script. The intro, the story and the message. I have began to fill out the story. I think I have worked well because I am up to date and have an idea. I am exited for our next session.


Personal Post

Personal post

Hello once again on the weekend I played footy. But this game was different because our team was versing Sam’s team. His team unfortunately were winning till three quarter time but luckily we kept trying and were able to pull ahead by about 20 points by the end of the last quarter.

The position I played was wing.

I think we played well and kept on trying till the end.


Reflective post


Hello this is my reflective post for the week.


In maths this week we learnt about HCF (Highest Common Factor)

The definition of HCF is the highest factor that appears in two or more numbers. A factor is a number that can be multiplied to make another number.

For example, the highest common factor between 8 and 16 is 16.


Writing This week in writing I finished my chasing piece and I am waiting to conference. I think I have succeeded my goal to create tension and I am happy with the piece I created.


In inquiry we have been watching and analysing TED talks. We have been analysing what the speaker talked about how they connected with the audience and how they kept the watchers entertained. We have done this because soon we will all create our own talks about what rocked our world.