Term 2 Week 2B – IProject

This term we are starting a task called IProject. For IProject we have to choose something we want to make, achieve or do throughout the term. We have to record the process and have a final product such as an object or film.

For this I have decided to restore my foosball table (mini soccer table). I decided to do this because I enjoy to play this game regularly and the paint is peeling and parts are falling of. I am also going to Possibly 3D print extra parts like cup holders to place on the side, I might do this because I also enjoy 3D printing and I think it will improve the look of the foosball table.

I am very exited to begin this project next week and see how it turns out.

Term 2 Week 2B – Personal Post

This is my weekly personal post.

This Friday I played another footy game for ammos. It was ammos white versus ammos blue. The position I played this game was forward flank. There team beat us by about ten goals. I think they won because they had a big player in ruck so they won it most of the time. After they won the ruck one of there fast players would run through get the ball and kick it down there side. It was a close game till half time then they scored a lot more goals.

On Monday I have basketball training, on Tuesday I have basketball, on Wednesday I have footy training, on Thursday I have school sport and on Friday or Saturday I have a footy games.


Term 2 Week 2B – Reflection

This post is my learning reflection for the week.

This week we had the same task for inquiry and maths. The task was to make a stop-motion film about 3D shapes and 2D nets. To make the nets we used 2D shapes to 3D shape then separated some joints and unfolded it. If the net could be folded back into the shape it worked. Our groups shape was a cone, we used this shape so we could use a lego ice-cream truck in our film. I think I group worked well because we finished filming and editing on the day and I think the end product was quite good.

The other subject I will be reflecting on is writers workshop. In writers workshop this week we read a few pieces that had good tension and hooks. After that we could use there ideas to write a piece. The piece I decided to write is about a chase. I chose this because I think it will be a good topic to create tension and describe emotions such as fear. I think this piece will have tension because while writing the rest I will think about how I can create tension in each sentence.

Term 2 Week 2B – Reading Log

Hello this post is about my weekly reading log.

The book I have read this week is The boy who lost his face. I think this book has a great storyline. I enjoyed reading this book because it didn’t reveal too much until the end so you wanted to read more.

Unfortunately I do not remember the most powerful sentence from this book because I finished this book a few days ago so instead I will write about my favourite chapter. My favorite chapter was one where two characters had a fight. This is my favourite because I think it is quite hard to make fighting interesting and it is hard to make sure there is an even amount of description and action sentences.

If in the next book I find there is a powerful sentence I will add it to this post.


Personal Post – Week 1 Term 2

Hello this post is my second personal post.

On Saturday morning I played footy for Ammos. The position I played was center half forward. I scored one goal and our team won by three goals. I enjoy playing footy because I get to run and tackle.

I also enjoy to play sports like footy, soccer, basketball and NFL.

My favourite foods are pizza and burritos. I like these foods because there are lots of types of both.

This is most of what I have done this week hopefully I have more to right about next week.






Term 2 Week 1A – Reading Log

Hello this post is my term two week 1 reading log. this reading log is about the different genres I would like to read this term.

The book I have started to read this week is “the boy who lost his face”

I have just started reading this book and it is quite interesting. So far in the story the boy has been cursed by who he thinks a witch, he does not know what the curse will do to him but some strange things are happening. I am exited to read more.

This term I would like to explore new genres and types of books. The three genres I would like to read are non-fiction, mystery and science fiction. The reading routine I will follow while reading these books is to read every night before I sleep, this is a good time because there is nothing else to do and because I read at the same time every night I never forget.

The other reading goal I have is if I don’t understand a word or sentence find it in an dictionary to expand by vocabulary.

Teaser Trailers – Mysteries

In Inquiry recently we have been making our own teaser trailers about a mystery we made up about the school. For our groups mystery we decided to put our own twist on the Loch Ness Monster. While making these trailers I learnt that teaser trailers should have simple shots and not reveal too much about the story but enough to hook the audience. Some of the troubles we encountered while making this trailer were making the splash perfect, we needed to find the right size and weight rock to through into the billabong this process took a couple of shots but we eventually got it right. The other problem was finding some creepy and mysterious music to fit the storyline but we searched through a few songs and found the perfect one. The things I thought we did well are organizing, we only had three sessions to finish this trailer so I think we organized pretty well. The other thing we did well was editing I think this because our trailer turned out quite well.

Here is the finished trailer. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Home Learning | Term 2 | Week 1A Learning Reflection

Hello this post is about the learning I have done this week.

So far in maths this term we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and the language that is associated with them. Some of the language I have learnt is prism (always have parallel sides), pyramid (sloping sides that meet at a point at the top, apex (the highest point of a pyramid and edge (where two faces meet). We have also learnt about 2D nets. A 2D net is the unfolded version of a 3D shape. We made 2D nets by using building shapes to make prisms and triangles then unfolded them and recorded what we had made in our books.

In inquiry our latest task has been to make a teaser trailer for a mystery our group made up about the school. Our group put our own twist on the Loch Ness Monster for our mystery. I learnt that when making a teaser trailer you should not reveal too much about the story but put just enough in the trailer to hook the audience and make them want to know more. I also learnt that it should be about 30 seconds long and the shots should be simple.

For English I will talk about my writing. In writing we have talked about our seeds and why we choose them. We decided that we have to choose a topic that we are passionate about and are interested by. We need a purpose and a genre that we enjoy. Another way we can decide on what to write was choosing a topic we know lots about.

So far I think I have had a great first week.