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Hello this post is about my interests and what I’ve been doing.

The sports I play are Basketball, Footy and School Cricket. I play basketball on Tuesday, cricket on Thursday, footy training on Wednesday and Footy games on Thursday. My interests are 3D printing, running and all the sports I play. WIN_20160310_170203

I like 3D printing because you can create whatever you want and it is amazing to see one working. I am quite lucky because there I a 3D printer near my house that I have access to and I can use it on weekdays. Here is one of the things I have created. With this design I tried to re-create Pac-man then I used the measurements of the pencil and made a space for it to fit.

I will being writing one of these posts each week about what I have been doing.


2 thoughts on “Personal Posts

  1. Hi Henry,
    I really like how you shared one of your 3D print making creations. Do you have a copy of the design you put in to the machine to make the pencil topper?

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