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Hello in this post I will write about what I have learnt about this year at school.

This year in inquiry we have been learning about introduction to media. In this there are three sections, Photography, Film and Audio. The first Section I completed was photography. In this we learnt the rules of photography such as the rule of thirds where you divide the frame into a tic tac toe board and position the main interest of the photo across the intersections. After we had learnt these rules we took photos following them and wrote a small definition of what they meant. Here is the final product of what I wrote.

In film each group created a how to film. In this section we learnt the different shots and angles like, close up, extreme close up and  mid shot. We also learnt about different audio such as voice over or piece to camera. Unfortunately our group has not completed editing or post production of the film so I am not able to put our how to film. When we have finished the film I will post it here.

The final section is audio where we have learnt how to use the different types of mics such as a shotgun mic and learnt how to edit on corel. We also made a document called My Filmmaker Handbook this is where we wrote everything we had learnt. Here it is.

In English we have learnt about commas and when  to use them. They can be used when listing for example “I need oranges, bananas, tomatoes and cabbages”. They are also used to have a breath in the middle of a huge sentence and separate extra description and information that has been added like “the boy walked past” or “the boy, holding some oranges, walked past”.

During Maths sessions we have recently learnt about roman numerals. Before this I have had no prior knowledge of roman numerals but I have learnt a lot like if the smaller number is placed before the bigger number it will take that much away.

I = 1  V=5  X=10  C=100 Here are a few of the roman numerals I learnt.

The final subject I will talk about is sport. In sport we have focused on our aim. We learnt that there are a lot of things that effecting your throw or kick. The things that are the most important are to follow through in the direction you want the ball to travel, the angle can effect the height the ball reaches and the strength at which you throw effects how far the ball goes.

I have learnt lots the past couple weeks and I am exited to learn more.

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