Term Goal Setting

goal picHello in this post I will be talking about my term goal that my parents have set for me.

Last week I sent a email to them asking what goals they would like to set for me this term. After some conversation the goal they decided on was to read three different genres of book. They thought this would be a good goal because I usually read comedy books and they would like to expand the range of books I read. I think I will enjoy reading different genres of books because they will be refreshing and different. The genres I think that I will read are Non Fiction, Sci-Fi and Mystery. I believe this goal will help me to expand my vocabulary from the different styles of book throughout the term and improve my reading skills and even improve my knowledge from, the non fiction books.

I will be setting a new goal every term to improve and work on other areas.


9 thoughts on “Term Goal Setting

  1. This post is great!
    How many books are you planning to read? just three or are you going to look deeper into the genres. I think it will be good to keep setting goals. Well done!???
    #Love it!

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