Personal Posts

Hello this post is my weekly personal post.

On Saturday I went to the head of the river in Nagambie . The head of the river is when all the A.P.S schools that row compete against each other. The final and most important race is the year 12 firsts that my brother is in. They ended up coming fourth in an A final which is pretty good considering all the people they had to race.

Tomorrow is Year 6 camp in Melbourne and I am exited to complete all the activities. The activities I know we are going to do are M.C.G, Art Center and the movies.

Hopefully next personal post there is more to write about.


Goal Setting/Reflection Week 7

Hello this post is about my weekly and termly goals that have been set. The weekly goal that I had set last week was to take opportunities. I think I have achieved this goal by taking part in activities such as a poetry master class this morning and many other opportunities that have been presented.

The goal that my parents have set for me I have not begun yet because I am still reading the same book. I am nearing the end and I hope to finish it by the start of next term so I can complete this goal then.

The goal I am going to set for next term is to tag and categorize all my posts. I am setting this goal because nearly every post has no tags or categories.

I hope to complete or improve all these goals by next week or pic

Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 6/7

Hello in this post I will complete my Home learning for week 6.

Book titles read this week….

I have read Nightmares.

Responding to Reading…. 

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Watching Words:  Locate 6 interesting words from the books you read this week. These might be words that challenged you, words that were new or words that describe the characters/setting etc well. Write a short definition of these words.

While reading my book and searching for strange or difficult words the only one I have found so far is tranquility used in the context Tranquility Tonight and Tranquility Tonic at first I was not certain of the meaning I searched it in a dictionary here is what I found


quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.

As I read further into the book I will add into this post other words I find.


Hello in this post I will be defining some words that I have encountered throughout the week that I didn’t understand. The reason I am continuing this post is because the task is the same as last week.

The first word I have come across this week is clotheshorse at first a had no idea what this word meant back after finding it in a dictionary I discovered the definition which is “a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance”.

The other word I have found is redoubt meaning “a small, often temporary defensive fortification” fortunately I did not understand fortification either so that adds another word to the list. After finding out that fortification meant “something that fortifies or protects I no can understand the other strange word.

If I happen to come across any other words I can’t understand I will add to this post.




Personal Posts

Hello this post is about my interests and what I’ve been doing.

The sports I play are Basketball, Footy and School Cricket. I play basketball on Tuesday, cricket on Thursday, footy training on Wednesday and Footy games on Thursday. My interests are 3D printing, running and all the sports I play. WIN_20160310_170203

I like 3D printing because you can create whatever you want and it is amazing to see one working. I am quite lucky because there I a 3D printer near my house that I have access to and I can use it on weekdays. Here is one of the things I have created. With this design I tried to re-create Pac-man then I used the measurements of the pencil and made a space for it to fit.

I will being writing one of these posts each week about what I have been doing.


Learning This Year

Hello in this post I will write about what I have learnt about this year at school.

This year in inquiry we have been learning about introduction to media. In this there are three sections, Photography, Film and Audio. The first Section I completed was photography. In this we learnt the rules of photography such as the rule of thirds where you divide the frame into a tic tac toe board and position the main interest of the photo across the intersections. After we had learnt these rules we took photos following them and wrote a small definition of what they meant. Here is the final product of what I wrote.

In film each group created a how to film. In this section we learnt the different shots and angles like, close up, extreme close up and  mid shot. We also learnt about different audio such as voice over or piece to camera. Unfortunately our group has not completed editing or post production of the film so I am not able to put our how to film. When we have finished the film I will post it here.

The final section is audio where we have learnt how to use the different types of mics such as a shotgun mic and learnt how to edit on corel. We also made a document called My Filmmaker Handbook this is where we wrote everything we had learnt. Here it is.

In English we have learnt about commas and when  to use them. They can be used when listing for example “I need oranges, bananas, tomatoes and cabbages”. They are also used to have a breath in the middle of a huge sentence and separate extra description and information that has been added like “the boy walked past” or “the boy, holding some oranges, walked past”.

During Maths sessions we have recently learnt about roman numerals. Before this I have had no prior knowledge of roman numerals but I have learnt a lot like if the smaller number is placed before the bigger number it will take that much away.

I = 1  V=5  X=10  C=100 Here are a few of the roman numerals I learnt.

The final subject I will talk about is sport. In sport we have focused on our aim. We learnt that there are a lot of things that effecting your throw or kick. The things that are the most important are to follow through in the direction you want the ball to travel, the angle can effect the height the ball reaches and the strength at which you throw effects how far the ball goes.

I have learnt lots the past couple weeks and I am exited to learn more.

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Term Goal Setting

goal picHello in this post I will be talking about my term goal that my parents have set for me.

Last week I sent a email to them asking what goals they would like to set for me this term. After some conversation the goal they decided on was to read three different genres of book. They thought this would be a good goal because I usually read comedy books and they would like to expand the range of books I read. I think I will enjoy reading different genres of books because they will be refreshing and different. The genres I think that I will read are Non Fiction, Sci-Fi and Mystery. I believe this goal will help me to expand my vocabulary from the different styles of book throughout the term and improve my reading skills and even improve my knowledge from, the non fiction books.

I will be setting a new goal every term to improve and work on other areas.


Goal Setting/Reflection Week 5

Hello in this postreflection pic I will be reflecting and setting goals.

I think I have achieved last weeks learning goal which was to listen with 100% of my concentration because I have focused and tried to listen in all subjects and activities.

I think I need to set a new goal because I believe I have completed my previous goal from last week.

The goal I will be focusing on next week will be take opportunities I will follow this rule by accepting risks or opportunity.


Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 5

Nightmares BookHello this post is my week five reading log where I will describe a certain setting in the story I am currently reading.

Book titles read this week….

Horowitz Horror and Nightmares .

Responding to Reading….

Setting Analysis: Write about the setting found in one of the books you read this week. Use adjectives to describe it. Have you ever been in a similar setting? When and why?

I have recently started reading a book called Nightmares. The setting I will describe from this book is the main characters house. It is described as old fashioned, strange and purple. The mansion overlooks the town and is placed upon a hill. The vision of the house that the story has created for me is an old crooked mansion that sits eerily casting huge shadows that stretch across the ground. I imagine the mansion looking like an old neglected house in real life. On the inside of the house the is a twisting stair way that stretches up to a tower at the very top. At the top of the tower there lays a portal that the book describes as the entrance to where the nightmares live.

I am only a few chapters in and am exited to watch the story unfold.