Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 3

Book titles read this week….

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 Character Analysis: Write about a character from one of the books you read this week. Include personality aspects, physical attributes, what you liked/ didn’t like about them as well as an event this character was involved in.

Hello this post is my week three reading log. I will be talking about a certain character in a book that I have read this week. The book I am reading is The Night Bus. In this story there is a boy named Nick Hancock. I think Nick was smart, I think this because they thought of many options to get home that didn’t work like the train but he kept thinking and eventually came up with the night bus. I liked that Nick thought logically about how to get home and the ways he could get there and eventually got home. I don’t think the characters should of left the house they were at, instead of catching the bus they could of got home from the parents at the party or stayed there. An event Nick was involved in in this story was a Halloween party. He went dressed as a vampire and this party is where the problems began.



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