Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 4 ~ The Monkeys Ear

Book titles read this week….

 Hello this post is my week four reading log. The book I finished this week is Horowitz Horror, the book consists of a few short stories so I will focus on the last one.horowitzcover

Responding to Reading….

Plot Analysis: Write about a brief plot outline on one of the books you have read this week. If you haven’t finished a book this week record the events so far and then predict how the book might end.

The short story I will write about is The Monkeys Ear. This story begins describing a family named the Beckers, in the family there is, Brian Becker {the father}, Brenda Becker {the mother} and Bart their only child. The family had just excepted a free tour in Morocco and were browsing the markets. They eventually find themselves lost and stumble across a dark and mysterious stall to ask for directions. The stall turns out no help but Bart insists on buying a monkey ear that the young stall worker claims grants three wishes. They buy the ear and quickly leave Morocco. Once at home they continue going on there every day life until they stumble upon the ear stuffed in one of Bart’s drawers. Brian is first to make a wish, he wishes for a Rolls-Royce and get sushi or rolls of rice. After that he wishes for tons of money, nothing happened at once but later on in his day he got a tin of honey. Bart with his cunning mind decides the monkey the ear came from must of been slightly deaf, when Bart and Brian hear this they leap at the ear for the last wish. They are fighting for it when Brian shouts ” I wish you would go to hell “.

Its up to you what you think happened after that. I think this book was quite interesting and I think I might borrow the second version to read next.




Weekly reflection ~ Goal setting

Hello In this post I will be reflecting on the year six agreements and making some goals.


Some goals I have done well

I think I have treated my equipment well because I have been careful with everything and used it well.

I think I have shown the way quite well because I have shown some people around and been a tour guide.

I have been inclusive by including people in our games at lunch


I could improve by listening with 100% of my attention.

The previous goal would also improve my listening to others ideas and

create a happy environment.


My focus goal for week four is to listen with 100% attention.


I will be doing this post every week with different goals to improve on.


Mindfulness In The Enviro

IMG_2879This morning our class visited the Enviro to draw in our seed books what we saw so later on we could start a seed from them. I find the Enviro calming and quiet , I think it is quite a good place to relax and work. At first I drew some leaves and plants that were planted beside me. After that I tried to draw some hills with fields that I thought looked like grids. The final thing I drew was a wren that was hiding in the bush that was next to me.

The sentences I wrote next to the leaves where, Streaks as if forming a maze stretch across the leaf and veins of vibrant yellow reach across the leaf.

The sentence next to the hills are, grids stretch/reach across the hills reaching for the sunset.

The final sentences I wrote were for the wren they were, nimbly hopping from leaf to leaf and exited chirps echo.

I like writing in the Enviro because there is so many ideas and animals. It is also very quiet and a great learning space. What do you think.


Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 3

Book titles read this week….

Responding to Reading….

horowitz cover

 Character Analysis: Write about a character from one of the books you read this week. Include personality aspects, physical attributes, what you liked/ didn’t like about them as well as an event this character was involved in.

Hello this post is my week three reading log. I will be talking about a certain character in a book that I have read this week. The book I am reading is The Night Bus. In this story there is a boy named Nick Hancock. I think Nick was smart, I think this because they thought of many options to get home that didn’t work like the train but he kept thinking and eventually came up with the night bus. I liked that Nick thought logically about how to get home and the ways he could get there and eventually got home. I don’t think the characters should of left the house they were at, instead of catching the bus they could of got home from the parents at the party or stayed there. An event Nick was involved in in this story was a Halloween party. He went dressed as a vampire and this party is where the problems began.



Writing self~assessment

Hello readers this post is a writing reflection.

Things I have learnt about writing.

~While writing you need a interesting beginning to hook the reader and make them want to read more

~Your piece should be for a certain audience

~You should include interesting descriptions

~The seed is 60% of a piece

~When writing your seed you should pack it with as many ideas as you can

What am I good at.

~I think I am good at packing a seed full of information

~Using descriptive language

~Creating a hook

~Using metaphors and similes

~writing descriptions

What I would like to improve.

~Writing narratives and other sorts of pieces like persuasive arguments

~Using my time more productively








Pic Monkey

Hello in this blog post I will be talking about pic monkey a editing program I have recently learnt. Yesterday our class learnt about a editing program called Pic Monkey. In this program there is many options to improve and enhance your photos by making the photo sharper, cropping it, making clearer shadows or more light, contrast and much more we are yet to explore.


This is the original photo I took it is of one of the fences in our school yard, while taking this photo I was practicing the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds means you divide the frame into a tic tac toe board then place the main interest of the photo along at least one of the intersections

fence pic monkey

This is the edited version of the photo. The tools I applied were colour, with this tool I added a slight orange tinge I did this because I think it makes the background look better, I also added a little contrast intensifying all the colours I made this change to make the shadows that the fence casts more noticeable. After that I cropped and flipped the photo giving more space preventing the photo from being to crowded.

I think this program is a great editing tool and I’m exited to learnt more about it.

Year 6 Reading Log – Term 1, Week 2

Responding to Reading….

 Me as a Reader:  Record some information about your reading habits and what you enjoy reading. You might include; what genres you read, reading materials, your favourite authors, your favourite book, whether you read frequently or a little.

Horowitz Horror is the book I have recently started to read by Anthony Horowitz.

The types of books I usually read are comedy, non fiction and sometimes I read national geographic.

I read most school nighs and my favourite authors are Andy Griffith, Terry Denton and Anthony Horowitz.

My favourite book is 21 story tree house by Terry Denton and Andy Griffith.

I will be completing this task every week about the book I am reading.



Project Rockit


On Tuesday we met a group called Project Rockit. There goal is to put a stop to cyber bullying by travelling around Australia and talking to schools about the problem. We started by making a list of all the great things about the internet, like communicating with family around the world and sharing photos. After that we talked about the problem, bullying. They told us we can stop cyber bullying so we made a list of what we could do, here is what we came up with.

  • Think before you post
  • Anything that we try to do CAN happen
  • Stop the human chain so that rumours don’t spread
  • Be careful what you post
  • Is it appropriate
  • Alarm effect – think about it
  • Ask permission when posting about someone else
  • Things to remember – If you don’t want it on the front of a newspaper, don’t post it
  • Always be private
  • 90% of our communication is body language
  • If you see something mean, report it
  • Don’t be a bystander
  • Use appropriate age

I think project rockit are spreading a great message and I had a great time.

Year 6 Agreements ~ Reflection

We agree to…

  • Respect ourselves, others and our learning environment  ~  I think I have done well with this agreement because I believe I have been quite neat with my equipment.
  • Respectfully listen using our eyes, ears and bodies ~ With this agreement I think I have to improve because sometimes I don’t attentively listen with 100% of percent of my concentration.
  • Be creative ~ The class and I have been quite creative, I believe this because last session we made signs with maths tips on them they were colorful and interesting.
  • Take risks ~ Throughout the week we have not been presented with many risks so I don’t have a set opinion.
  • Show, not just tell when showing the way ~ I think I am doing this agreement well considering I just showed I boy around the school.
  • Embrace opportunities ~ I have embraced a few opportunities such as district sport.
  • Treat others as we would like to be treated ~ I have been treating others well I believe.
  • Be inclusive ~ I have included the new children in our soccer games and other games so I been doing this well.
  • Be respectful and mindful of learning spaces ~ I think I have respected the working environments quite well.
  • Be open-minded and embrace differences ~ I think I have done this well and been quite open minded.
  • Create a happy environment ~ I think the whole class has done this by smiling and being happy.
  • Try our hardest to be better at everything ~ I also think the whole has tried there hardest and are improving.
  • Help each other out ~ I think I have helped a few people out throughout the week but there’s still room to improve.
  • Use our initiative ~ I think I have done alright in this area but could improve by moving on and doing something productive after I am done.
  • Listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas ~ I think I could do better by being more attentive and listening more.
  • Learn from our mistake’s ~ I believe everyone is following this agreement because we are improving in many areas such as photography.