Who Am I [NT Intervention]

For a reading response this week for our book called who am I am going to watch this video and right down the arguments for and against the NT intervention. The NT intervention is what happened a couple of years ago in the Northern Territory. Our Government sent police into the Northern Territory to deal with abusive parents and children who were not being taken to school.


better education   children where being treated badly so are some Australian children

 fixing problems

Alcohol violence bad education

most of these problems where brought by white people like alcohol. They did not have alcohol before white people brought it to them



 kids are looked after better but there wouldn’t of been problems before white people came to Australia  None of the problems were relevant before we came to Australia
 kids are healthy and happy  This intervention is racist because there are white families with the same problems
 more criminals in jail  There special credit cards are unfair because they should be able to spend there money how they like

Overall I think the intervention was good for indigenous children because they are happy and healthy but those problems would of never been there in the first place if white people did not destroy there communities. So after watching this video I can now see that the intervention was good for the indigenous children.

Senior School Art


Today we visited the Senior School to have a look at there art expo. It was fantastic, there were a whole lot of different sections from couches to movies to photos. One couch I particularly liked was on the right side it looked so good and professional that I thought it was one of the schools couches and sat down. I think the colour and material choices were just right. The sides were made from wood and the pillows were black and really soft. I think the students would of been dedicated and interested in there projects based on how good they looked. Another section I enjoyed was the movies. I think they did a great job they had me interested and entertained throughout all of the time I was there. One of the movies I watched was one about apple piece who escaped. This movie was made by playing thousands of pictures after each other each time making a slight movement. I think this movie would of took lots of persistence and determination to finish because you have to take every photo separately and be cautious you don’t move anything too much so the movements are fluent and are not too drastic and I really enjoyed this expo and can’t wait till I can participate.

Archimedes Screw

Today I have made a Archimedes Screw design in Tinkercad. This screw was most commonly used in history to move water uphill. The screw is simply a screw inside a tube that spins around forcing water or a ball upwards. I will be powering my screw with a motor and batterscrewy. The most important factors with this screw is the radius [angle] and the length of the tube. These factors can effect the cost and manufacturability of the screw and how well it works.  This screw will eventually become part of a marble roller project.

I have just further modified my design by having a section to lead the ball into the screw and adding a stand to set the screw at a angle. Here is a picturescrew 2

Year 8 Cre8

Today we all went and had a look at year eights Cre8 projects. I was particularly interested in Edward Jewls project. His project was to learn Italian. The questions I asked him where, who was your mentor, what was your inspiration, where did you learn the language and when did you learn the language. The answers I received were, a online tutor named Mrs Black, he had previously learnt Latin, he learnt Italian online and he learnt the language over the holidays. By what I have seen I think Edward is very interested in learning Italian and is quite good at it. For example I asked him how to say I like cake in Italian and he could say it without hesitation but there are some words he forgets. With the time he has worked on learning this language I think he has worked productively to be able to know that many words. He also has a couple Italian magazines which I think is a good way to learn and improve your Italian. On top of that he has a Italian dictionary and quite a good vocabulary in Italian. This session was fun because we were able to see all the projects that the year 8 have bee working on. I can’t wait till we get to do Cre8.  WIN_20151016_094951

Who Am I [ Johny Jones ]


This is my book response about a book called Who Am I. In this response I talk about some things that happened in tis story.

In class we are reading a book called who am I. This book is about a girl called Mary who is part of the stolen generation. In this book they continue to say aboriginals are bad and white people are good, Mary even wrote in her diary “Sam said I was really stupid, just like all the boongs” [p 56 ]. I think this is completely wrong white people can be bad and good so can aboriginals. One person in this book who was particuly racist is Johny Jones, he is a boy who goes to the same school as the Mary. Johny is one of the many reasons that all white people aren’t good as he is the school bully. One of the bad things Johny did was steal the teachers purse everyone continued to blame Mary for a matter of days just because she was aboriginal. Eventually Johnys mum found the stolen purse in Johnys bedroom. But it’s not just Johny all the students laugh when he makes racist jokes which is just as bad as making the joke in the first place. And one of the worst things her new family did was make her forget about her old family and she is forbidden to speak about them. “Ma and Pa B weren’t really angry but they said I had to forget about the past and live in the present and that they didn’t want me to mention Bomaderry or my real parents ever again” [p 65 ].  So I think that white is good aboriginal is bad is completely wrong.

Sharing My Quiz

Today we all got in groups and shared our quizzes from micro worlds, after we had read each others quizzes we had to give them some feed back. My quiz consists of a starting page five question pages and an end page. The feedback I got was, the quiz is good because it has hard questions, I could change the wording in one of my questions because the question said how many sides does a cube have when it was meant to say how many faces and the final piece of feedback I got was I like how you didn’t add too much detail in the background so it doesn’t distract you from the questions.micro w The feedback I gave was, this quiz is good because the questions make you think. The other person in my group had a quiz that didn’t work so I couldn’t give feedback.micro

This feedback helped me because now I can fix the mistake I made by changing the word side to faces.