Year 5 Camp

First Day

First half

On Tuesday the 1st of September all of year 5 started camp. The first day was an incursion there were three activities Billy Carts, Tinkering and Trust and Initiative. The first activity my group did was tinkering. In tinkering we built circuit’s and took apart electronics. In this activity I learnt how to build circuit’s, I learnt that for a circuit to be complete is has to be a loop, I learnt that you have to cover all the wires so you can’t get shocked and I learnt that I could use these skills in many jobs such as an electrician or a computer repairer. On a battery there is a positive and a negative side the red wires connect to the positive side and the black wires connect to negative side if you don’t do this the circuit will not work.

The next activity was Billy Carts. In Billy Carts the activity I enjoyed the most was building, in building there were blocks of wood with holes down the side, nuts, bolts and washers. I decided to make a roller skate, first I got a piece of wood, four wheels, nuts, bolts and washers. Second I threaded a wheel and a washer onto the bolt, you need washers in between the nut and wood because it spreads the pressure out over a bigger area of wood preventing the wood from splitting. Then you stick the nut through the holes in the wood add another washer and wheel, the bolt acts as a axel holding the two wheels in place. After that you thread on a nut holding every thing in place. Finally you repeat this process on the opposite side of the wood.

After these two activities it was time for lunch.

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