blog picToday I used a program called scratch this is a programming program in which you drag and drop bricks and connect them together to make your sprite move. Today I made a game where you have to jump from platform to platform. The first step in making this game is the backdrops, the back drops can be pictures, they can be drawn or they can be chosen from the backdrop library I drew my backdrops. The second step is the sprites, blog pics 1the sprites are your characters. You have the same options as the backdrops and you can have as many as you want. The final step is the scripts. the scripts make you be able to control the sprite. here are all the types of bricks you can use. blog picsTo move my sprite the keys you use are, right arrow to move right, left arrow to move left and space bar to jump. Today I learnt how to make a health system. To do this there is many ways but I only know one. To make a health system you hide your sprite to do this find the hide brick in the looks section. Then find the pen down brick in the pen section. Now when your first sprite touches a certain colour make it broadcast a message. Now When your second sprite receives the message it will go forward leaving a line behind it. Next time I plan to make more levels and a starting screen.

Who Am I

This term at school I have been reading a book called Who am I this book is about a girl called Amy she is part of the stolen generation, the stolen generation was a generation of aboriginal children who were taken from there parents to live in homes and orphanages. The English people did this to teach them there way of life . She was taken from her family and her name was changed to Mary. This also happened to many more Aboriginal children. The English people believed there way of life was the best way when it was just different. She was also told not to talk about her family and has never been told where they are or why she was taken. They were not able to learn there culture or where they came from. Most didn’t even know there real names or there parents names. I think it was horrible.

Learning How To Program

programIn robotics today I learnt how to program a robot. We used a program called lego mindstorms. To make the programs you drag and drop bricks then connect them together and then download the program to your robot. Today I learnt about the movement of the robot such as the turning brick and moving blocks. On the first brick I made the speed 100 so it moves quickly and made it roll for ten seconds just to experiment how fast and far it will roll. For the second block I made the degrees of the turn 100 and rotations of the wheels on 3 so the robot spins 360 degrees three times. So then when you put them together the robot will roll forward and spin around three times. Next session I plan to test this program and use sensors in my next program.

Triple R

In our Triple R session yesterday our first task was to get in our tribes and talk about our holidays and what we did. Then our second task was to complete a worksheet. On the worksheet there was a circle with a triangle around it. In the 3 gaps outside the circle we had to draw our favourite colour, our favourite toy and our favourite food, in the middle we drew our favourite person. For my favourite food I drew watermelon because it tastes delicious, for my toy I drew a punching bag because I like boxing, for my colour I drew orange and for my person I drew Mike Tyson because he is my favourite boxer. I enjoyed this session because it was lots of fun.


Today in maths I made an un-fair spinner. For a spinner to be un-fair it has to made with more bad options than there is good. For my spinner I predicted seven spins on no and three spins on yes. I spun the spinner 10 times and wrote down the results, the results were eight spins on no and two spins on yes. I spun it another ten times and the results were nine on no and only one on yes. The final time I spun the spinner it turned out exactly my prediction seven spins on no and three spins on yes. I also learnt about theoretical and experimental probability. Theoretical probability is the what the maths says like if half the spinner is yes and the other half is no the maths says that there will be five on spins on each side, but when you experiment there are different variables such as how hard you push the spinner.