Day 3

Today we started off by going to our shop and counting how many people went in and out as well as what gender. At 10:00am we met miss Foley at the eureka tower where we wondered the observation floor and looked out of the binoculars, spotting land marks around Melbourne. A group of us went out onto the glass floor to look out over Melbourne. Then we went sent out to search for 4 different land marks and take a photo with them. Then we had to do another counting of the people. Then we trammed to the MCG and ended up going one stop too far and ended up having to tram back and we got to MCG to take a photo, then we trammed to the shrine of remembrance to get a photo. After missing a team and another being full, we managed to get on the right one and got to the immigration museum and then we took a photo there went back to city site.  Ruby, Evie, Clara


this book was a very funny experience about two friends in the craziest treehouse in the world and they are always getting into trouble

digi teaser

pretty much only one week to go and well every thing is starting to fit into place we have been given a tiny new idea about  our digi and it should make things even better so I  can not wait to show all of you me and  Harriette’s digi we hope it will nock your socks off so get ready   because we’re coming.

Digi Amaze Us Update

Since I last talked to you I told you that I was up to picking the photos that I liked for our Digi and I was also about to finish editing all of the photos and now I am up to putting in all the photos so that we can get the rest of the things that into the photo so until next time BYE

Zoo Film

Lights Camera Action for weeks we have been working on a film about endanger animals but we had many, many stages.


At the start we had to plan so we would have to pick an animal the was a wide range but I chose the gorilla. But then after choosing the animal we had to write and script not the whole thing just the P.T.C which mean piece to camera so that when we went to the zoo we would be ready.


Stage two we went to the zoo so then we would split in to our groups and check out all the animal and most of us got our piece to camera there but at the start we got lost so it took us about 20 minutes to find the gorilla we looked at all the animals but then we came back because some one was going to tell us facts about the gorilla and that’s when we all got our piece to camera.


Then it was the editing stage which is were we would get all the photos and put them all in a folder and then choose the ones that we wanted to use. After that we would put the footage in our films and put our voice overs in as well so that the pictures would suit the videos and we were also aloud to put in some music I put in a instrumental of a really sad song and it really suited the film.


After that we got some feedback and we would let other people look at our film and told us good thing about our film and some things that we could change so then after that all the things that they said we could change we would try to change and then after that we let people see it again so then they could see our final product these are some of the notes that people said:

Good job Ruby even at the very start you made me care about Gorilla’s straight away. Your music is great and it’s not to happy but not to sad!!! Love your work -Aimee


i think you did well with getting to the point about how they are endangered and how we have to save them, i think it was nice short and sharp but your music at the end you didn’t trim it but you could hear your self and over all it was good-alice


Your P.T.C at the start was very strong, the facts were very clear. -Emily s


You really make us care about the animal and have a good message.


your footage is very good and clear and so is your message-elsie


Good job you make people care about them from the start, your music is great because it is not to sad but not to happy.-harriette


I really like your P.T.C and your script is really powerful. Well done! (just remember to cut your music)


Your first P.T.C is really clear and strong. I like your footage its really clear. – Evie


Your message was very clear and your footage was awesome! You made your message very clear and you made the audience connect with the gorilla. – Bridie

love the piece to camera it was really clear and good videos and photos.-alex.w


I like the start and your facts are really good. You had really great footage and you made me care about the animal.-Emma


I liked the choice of words and you made us care about the animal. I really liked the choice of music. The music and the voiceovers were at a great volume. I could hear you voice very clearly. Trim out that music😄 – Harry Santa


Your words are really chosen and you read your script with emotion. Your footage was quite good. I loved the line saying that gorillas already have one foot in the grave. You might want to trim the music at the end. Great Job!

– Jesse McDougall


Great footage and the music is really good and the facts are really meaningful. –Emily F

they were all the comments I got  and then after that we did this blog post.


And here is my video:




For my research post I searched up so many thing but nothing came up so I’m just going to tell what I know .

Well I’m up to taking photos and editing there faces and the back rounds I’ve only done around ten different photos.

Harriette has been testing all the apps and she is also trying to find some other apps that does some other effects


A whole new digi and whole new APP this term. I’m with the same partner Harriette and of course myself.

We are making heaps of collage  of people in school or just photos that we have on our camera roll we haven’t decided yet.

Then we edit it and add loads of cool effects so you could be in a bubble and you’ll be blue and you could also be an alien what ever it is we’ll try it.

We are also going to make are own music in Garage Band and put that in to corel as the backing music to all the photos.

Because we loved this year and the journey we’ve gone through and we would like other people to see what kind of stuff that we have done.

Digi Teaser

You know when you see something so funny your face goes red and you cry a little bit well when you see our Digi your face will turn into a tomato and your eyes will start to pore your cheeks will hurt and every other part of your body so I would be careful because all of these thing are going to happen in less than a week so get ready       six C because Harriette and I are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BrazilThis week I was doing Brazil

I wrote all about there culture and one of there special days. my favorite thing about Brazil is the beaches and the wonderful statue that all of you know the giant Christ.

the thing that would be most challenging for me would be just living there because there life stile it is a lot different to ours it would be lots of fun though.


Since I last told you about my digi we have been trying to figure out the story so now we are half way through the story clip since we’ve got all the photos off people and chosen all the type of slide show effects so now all we have to do is do the voice overs I cant  wait until you see it.