It’s In The K-Drive!

Planning, check! Filming, check! Editing, check! Feedback, check! AND NOW, I AM COMPLETE! *Cue the disco music My third and final…wait. No, this cannot be my final project where I incorporate my passions! I’ve got so many passions! So many things that I love, that I’ve not yet touched this year…and there’s still a few […]

Feedback = Improvement

We as people, need to be more aware of getting feedback from others. We should always be looking for a way to improve. That is how we get better at things! I feel like my film is ready for the appropriate amount of feedback! I know some of you may think I have left this […]

Putting it Together

My favourite part of the filmmaking process, is editing! And for me, this process has taken a long time. With the Personal Project also coming along, my Passion Project has only been slowly improving. But, the process of editing, is now officially, complete! I know this image is used very often, but it is still […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

Filming consists of 15% of the production scale. But filming comes with lots of challenges, as well as awesome moments with great successes. With my shotlist under my arm, I stepped up to the camera, pressed that red button, and began creating my film! Pre-Production (Planning) = 60%   /   Production (Filming) = 15%   /   Post-Production (Editing) […]

SOD – Save Our Devil

SOS – What exactly does this mean? Well, for most, “Save Our Souls”. But, earlier this term, we were given a new definition! Save, Our, SPECIES! We were tasked with making a film out of 1 of the 10 critically endangered animals – Gorilla, Lion, Philippines Crocodile, Aussie Fur Seal, Helmeted Honeyeater, Asian Elephant, Lord Howe Stick […]

Passion, Love, Awesome, Nice [PLAN]

I am thrilled for my turtle advertisement to get underway! I’ve had a lot of people when hearing the topic for my film, just look at me in confusion. I think, that they think, that my project is completely whacky and useless…so that has motivated me to increase the standard even more! Let’s do this! […]

Enviro Review

[This Is Intended For The Year 4 Commenting Workshop] ————————————————————————————————————————————— Enviro…those relaxing and stress-free days being a child with no commitments. I remember the excitement of coming to school each morning, thrilled to explore the newly grown plants…(And eat the strawberries.) Who loves coming to school? I used to love those moments where the sun is […]

The Final Beginning

Throughout the last two terms, I have achieved wonderful standards with my Passion Project. Wonderful editing, combined with stunning planning, mixed in with some phenomenal feedback. But, still, I have been unable to reach my maximum potential. I am determined this final term, to go out with a bang! I want to impress my audience… Previously, […]

Choice Day

On Thursday, we had a fantastic opportunity to pick a topic to go to for 2 hours. There were multiple options, including ping pong projectiles, acting, drone flying and even SimCity. We made our preferences of 6 different things and the teachers elected which one we went to. I was assigned to Acting Out with Mrs Stafford. This […]