September 6

The Recruit

The Recruit, When an intelligence agency of spies will interrogate you and save the world from terrorist and murderers. but there’s one thing, there all kids.

This book is a great book for 11 to 99. But when you hit 100 you will still love it. When you finish the book you will still love it because its a series.

As soon as I read this book I couldn’t put it down. that’s how good it is.

November 20

digi teaser term 4

Picture yourself in a classroom on a Friday arvo and all you want to do is go home and do what ever you want. But the teacher tells you that you have to draw a quick elephant without looking on images.

adult african elephant isolated on white

What do you do if you don’t know how to draw elephants well. You don’t want to fail. But she never said no videos, ha. If you have a test, to show of to friends or you just want to be able to draw them, if you do watch my video to teach you how to draw a cartoon elephant.

November 7

digi update

the last time I did a post was when I had the idea of doing a stop motion picture with an elephant involved. I have had a really good think about my digi amaze us and I realized that a stop motion film with drawing would be too hard, so I changed my idea. I had spent a lot of time on perfecting drawing the elephant. so I decided to keep the elephant involved. then and thought popped into my head.

for my term 4 digi I am doing a short film on how to draw a cartoon elephant and a realistic elephant. I will do it on Corel and do a lot of editing on film to make it the best possible. I am now really happy with my idea and cant wait to get started.


October 31

zoo sos10 film post.

this term we have been working on spreading awareness 1 out of 10 different animals called the SOS10. some animals from there are the orang-utang, Philippian crocodile, helmeted honey eater, gorilla, lion, Tasmanian devil and more. first we had to pick a animal to research and make our film about.

I decided to pick the orang- utang because I wanted to know more about It and I love the animal in general. then we wrote a script, we worked on it and focused on every word. We then packed our bags and went to the zoo. we had to have a piece to camera and I got mine finished with no drama’s. all up there weren’t any problems we had to face, at leased not major one’s.

after we got our footage we came back and edited our films. we dumped all the footage on to our laptops and deleted the bad and un necessary footage. we then culled any bad footage. we did that so we had gold footage. we then recorded our voice overs from the script. after that we put everything to gather to have our first drafts. we got feed back and had to action it. once we did that we rendered our films for the final copy. we put it on the K-drive. we then split screened our computer one on sticky note and one on our film and got positive feedback. and now we have to do our blog post.


I like how you put lots of facts in and still made us care about the animal – Ben

I like all the facts you used. it made a lot of sense and made me care about the animal. Gus.H

You used a lot of interesting facts and good footage-Callan

Really good choice of footage and great choice of music. Spencer

The way that you connected us with the orang-utan


like how much DNA we share

and that they have personalities and feelings as well.-Mary B.

realy good footage. it made me feel for ths animal.-sophie

Good facts you used. I love the footage you used. The music fits it really well – Steven

i like your music and footage. it had a really strong message- Mia

your music really suits the footage and your message is really good.

Your voiceover is really good and so is your word choice, your music was also great.-Camilla

I really liked the choice of music. I was going to use it but i chose not to. I really liked your footage. The voiceovers and music were at a good volume.

I really liked how you put out the message really well and the music was a good choice. -Georgina

you made me really want to save the animal and i like every thing about it.-reuben

You had a strong and clear message. it made me care about your animal. your music suited your film. Great Job- Issy

I love your start. I think your music really suits well and your voice overs are loud and clear. The footage you used is great. I really want to help your animal. I also love your ending! Great job- Emmy



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October 23

digi research post.

as soon I had posted what I a was doing and it was official I got on the internet and started researching the details to the animal that I am doing. I got on to a website were it takes it step by step to drawing a picture. It was very help full so I started doing heaps of animals. I then got on to my phone and downloaded the app stop motion. I started by making a very very short video and it turned out good. so now I know that the app works. I then got on to YouTube and typed up stop motion help guide but there wasn’untitledt much videos for my capability so I said typed it in but with for kids at end at there was better video. I learned how to put it into a video and put filters in.

October 11

Digi Au proposal

stop-motion-picture-2313This term my digi amaze us will be a bit different. Instead of photo shop I’m going to be doing a stop motion. I’m not going to tell you anything except for this about the story. It has something to do with animals… I will be using an app on my phone called stop motion and it can render on it and form it into a move. I think it will challenge me a lot because the proses of doing a stop motion is really hard like getting the right angle when you take a photo of the piece you were drawing so that when you put all the photos to gather it’s not all wonky. Also getting all the photos on to the computer and putting them for the right time takes a long time and is very hard. I don’t want to tell you the message until the day were we all share. I want people to think about the message and think about the problem real hard. I can’t wait to get started and face heaps of challenges I have to overcome.



September 15

choice day.

choice-day-activities bottleChoice day on Thursday was a day were we got to suggest what activity we got to do. basically we wrote our top 5 activities and the teachers chose what activity we did. I got put with bottle rockets. to be honest it was a bit boring. we got there and started making the rockets, that was kinder fun but we didn’t get much time though. once we finished we went out side to fire our rockets but…

The rocket launcher didn’t work so for almost 1 hour we spent standing around for the launcher to work ended up not working and we all came back with no rockets that launched.

over all I didn’t really like it. I mean its better then doing math’s but other then that it was pretty boring.

September 15

digi amaze us final post

capturethis term I have been doing my digi amaze us on photoshop and Corel. I used photoshop last term as well. so what I did was I got people to say a sentence and then I photoshoped the sentence  and it formed a picture story. I then I went on Corel and dumped all the photos and voiced over the story. I think I was challenged my self because of the computer problems that I had and all the switching between the ideas that I had.

think my audience was kinder amazed. they laughed at the picture of max as a pug and also the picture of Gus with a magical gun that could kill ghost. *Ghost Busters*

next tie if I did the same project again I would probably spend more time on it and make the story bigger.

September 13

promo film

this term we have been making a promo film for Geelong and Bellarine partner was Harriett  and from 6B Ben and Steven and from 6A Zoe and Camilla. together we all made a separate promo film for kids, by kids from the footage that we got from the locations.

The proses that we went through was this.

  • Brief – the teachers got a email from the Geelong travel person to say that they wanted us to make a promo film for them.
  • Research / analysis of existing film on client’s site – All of us got onto YouTube and looked at the Geelong tourism videos. we analyzed them and looked at what they focused on and what we liked and disliked about the video. we also look at what locations they were visiting and filming at.
  • Locations- we got a big piece of paper and got into a group and wrote down heaps of locations that we could go to and film. later we got the places that we will go to 6A went to supa tramp and Torquay, 6B went to leisure link and balyang bike track and 6C went to Eastern beach.
  • Partners – Planning Shot list (film crew)- we got told who are partners were. I was with Harriette and from the other classes Ben, Steven, zoe and Camilla.
  • Production – filming on location- the day came and it was time to film. we got our equipment and headed of to our destinations. we filmed for a whole day, when we came back we were exhausted.
  • dumping footage- when we got back we had to dump all the footage from our cameras on to our computer.
  • Editing- after we dumped everything we had to delete and get rid of all the bad footage they include bumpy footage. selfies and other stuff that we definitely wouldn’t use and others wouldn’t want
  • Feedback- we got feedback from our film and what we could do better and what we did well.


September 5

cultures of the world 2

This past week I have been studying and looking at Great Britain. great Britain do a lot of the same things as we do. like how we’re both a Common Wealth country. also we speak same language and much more. if I were to travel to Great Britain I think it would be pretty same again, except they would have a different accent. once again if I went there when one of there festivals were it would probably be one like ours.asdfghjkl;' if you got put in London then you would see the big ben maybe. oh yeah, they might have really bad teeth ???