done !!!!

I have finally finished my passion project but im going to miss doing one next year😢😢

Did your product turn out the way you had intended?

yes I am very pleased that I got it done. and it was almost exact on what I wanted for my final product

What do you feel you have done well?

I feel that I have done a lot of things well I worked really hard on my editing because im not the best at editing.

And with my filming I got it all done in 1 day.

What do you think you could have improved on?

I think I could’ve got some better shots so I had more options of what to put in my film. so it made it easier.

What did you learn through this process?

I learnt a lot especially about editing like how to do voice overs really easily and quickly and how to mute videos and turning down the music and awesome stuff like that.

What do you need to do better next time?

Next time I need to get more shots and maybe think of a better idea because it was really hard to make my film fantastic with the topic I had.



today I got some feedback these people were very helpful and reliable.

Steven said: I like the music works with your film. Instead of text, you should have voice-overs instead. But if you want the text, make it slower, it’s going by too fast and I can’t read it. Also, I think you should have one week at a time on one screen. If there is two, it’s harder to read. One more thing, make the text a different colour, sometimes, it blends into the background

Angus: The video was very inspiring. It had good tips.  I thought you could extend the text into voiceovers, because they seemed to be hard to read at times against the background. Make each week separate. The music was very different, and the underwater shots gave the film life. Also, the images helped persuade your message. Could you explain more about the event. When is it?

Ben: I liked the music and I like how it showed you training. the music made it very inspiring and im going to follow your tips because I want to swim the pier to pub as well.

Jack: The music really suited and I liked how you had yourself in the background with you doing one of the steps when the steps were coming over the screen.


What editing techniques did you employ and why?

I used powerful music to get my message across to my audience.

What editing software/app did you use?

I used Corel because I don’t know how to use any other software’s

Did you try something new If so, what?

I filmed underwater for the first time which was really fun.

Did you learn anything new about editing?

no not yet but I wanted to

filming time

yggyugyyjgyukToday I filmed for my passion project on how to prepare for the pier to pub.

What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?

Some success that I have had were that I got all my filming done in one night because I had ben and spencer helping me.

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?

the first challenge that I had was the Geelong college swimming pool is illegal to film there.

That Im not sure of the quality of my water proof camera.

The pool that I swam in was really cold.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I overcame the challenge of not being allowed to swim in the college pool by swimming in my own but the pool wasn’t as big as the college one.

I overcame the challenge of the freezing cold water by  jumping in and not wasting my time so I could quickly get out and have a warm shower afterwards.



SOS Conservation film

On Monday the tenth of October year 6 went to the zoo and it was awesome. But we went there to make a film about a endanged animal I chose the Philippian crocodile. I Decided to lend my voice to this animal because it is a cool animal and the most endanged croc in the world and it needs our help. I used lots of different websites to get my facts especially the Melbourne zoo website.

When we got to the zoo we split up into groups and went to the location of our animal and got some footage and filmed our Peace to camera but when we went back to the meet up area we realized we had lost the cameras so we lost all of our footage but I got some of the other classes footage to put in my film.


When I started  editing I got heaps of Emmys footage because I didn’t have any and Henry and I filmed our PTC in the green screen studio. once I finished my first draft I got feedback from my piers and I was told to turn down the music from basically everyone so I turned it down so you could here my voice over.

Then I got some positive feedback from my peers here is the positive feedback

i think it was really well put together and the song choice was really good and perfect loudness. just saying the croc looks like a tasty lasagne.-alex.

you made me really care about the animal. Spencer

i think it was incredible right and i liked your peace to camera🎈🎈🎈– olly

You film is very discriptive and has tonnes of information about the animal.-Camilla


Your voice over was clear it made me care about your animal. It was very descriptive. -Issy


Your P.T.C was great and I liked your voice overs also your music was really good and you made me care about the animal – Nick


The message was clear and your PTC was really good- Owen

i like the fact that you said and liked the pics.-sophie


I like how you said incredible right to emphasise a fact and how you called the crocodiles living dinos.


I like your facts and your music choice was really good- GusH


I think your footage really went well with everything, making everything better. Your music choice was really good for your film.-Mary B.

Here is my film







planWhat have you needed to do to prepare for your project?

I’ve done a lot of planning I’ve finished my Shotlist and thought a lot about how to get my message across to my audience.

What types of shots have you included in your Shotlist?

I’ve usually just used LS because I think they should suite my film well and help get my message across

What is the next step for you?
The next step is filming and im so excited because 60% of my film is already done.

Film Shotlist

Scene Description (Storyline) Shotlist Dialogue/Audio
1 Introduction what the film is about  

Voice over [Jesse]

Do u want to swim the pier to Pub but u need some preparation. Here are some tips

2 first week routine text LS Jesse swimming Music
3 Jesse eats Bananas Close up Jesse eating 2 bananas Music
4 2nd week routine text LS Jesse swimming Music
5 3rd week routine text LS Jesse swimming Music
6 4th week Routine text LS Jesse running Music
7 Final week Routine text LS Jesse running Music
8 Explain hazards i.e. sharks and dangers   Voice over [Jesse] if you see a shark u should stay calm and keep swimming do not speed up because it will think you are a seal and it could eat you but that is extremely unlikely to happen. If you cut your foot on the coral immediately get out of the water because it could attract sharks
9 Jesse eating veggies with sweet chilli sauce Ms Jesse eating veggies

Voice over Jesse

Eating vegetable each day can prepare you for the final swim

10 Picture of event 2016   I hope this film prepared you for the swim and goodluck

Term 4 Passion Project

This term for my passion project I have decided to make a film about training for my upcoming swim over summer “The Pier to Pub” here is some information about the open water event.

Lorne Pier-to-Pub Swim
• Location: Lorne, Australia.
• Course: Fast pier-to-beach swim.
• Distance: 1.2 kilometers.
• Date: January.
• Description: Mixed field of swimmers with an average time of 22 minutes.
• Additional Information: Started as a challenge between lifeguards in 1981 when 100 people entered the first race. The race is now capped at 4,300 participants and is known as a very successful charity event.

What is the purpose of your project?

The purpose of my project is to help other swimmers who want to swim the Lorne Pier to Pub on how to prepare themselves.

training preparation (how often, how far and where – ocean pool , gym)

diet – swimming energy food

hazards – ocean swimming, dangers, salt water other competitors


What is the message you are communicating?

the message im trying to get across to my audience is how to prepare for the Pier to Pub.



Who is your project for?

My project is for anyone who would like to swim in this event the ages vary between 12 and 83 years old.


What are you looking forward to?

Im looking forward to filming this and sharing at the end of term.




Passion Project Schedule Term 4

When? What am I going to do? Checkpoint Post
Home Learning Week 1

Decide what my project is going to be.

Publish my #description post.


#description post
Home Learning Week 2 Get research for the training routine  
Home Learning Week 3 Finish shot list #Planning post
Home Learning Week 4 Film  
Home Learning Week 5 Film #Production post
Home Learning Week 6 Edit put the film together #editing post
Home Learning Week 7 Get feedback #feedback
Home Learning Week 8 share #Complete


Your Passion Project is due on the Monday of Week 9 (28 November)









Choice day

Yesterday was choice day I was in Mr wades group called count down  we made a ping pong projectile that shot a ping pong ball a certain distance my machine at the start was like a trampoline it had no chance it couldn’t even shoot the ball so Henie showed me a new design which made the ball fly 4 meters  I was very grateful that Henie showed me a great invention .  the new structure that Henie showed me was a tape roll with icy pole sticks glued together to make it longer and placed it on the tape and used rubber bands and It started going really high so I got some more icy pole sticks and put them under the tape so it shot on a angle and went further it was  very enjoyable and im so excited to do something like it next term


I think there should be something for the sporty kids. Because me and my friends would of rather to kick the footy or something like that. Thanks and I hope you enjoy my blog post about choice day

Promo film Geelong by kids for Kids

On Wednesday 4 weeks ago we filmed a promotional film for Geelong by kids for kids it was very enjoyable.


The locations were leisure link, bike track, Waterfront Supa tramp and Torquay my class went to leisure link and the bike track
In my class my filming buddy was bailey. we got footage also from Mia and Ella and Astrid and jade.

Production – filming on location

my favorite filming location was the bike track. because I brought my bike everyone needed footage of someone doing the jumps and that was me 🙂
Sharing of footage / Culling and Converting footage

Sharing our footage was one of the main parts of putting together our films. if we didn’t have the other classes footage we couldn’t have made our films as good as they are now.


Editing was really fun I learned a lot of new special affects and used them in my film.



Alex enjoyed my music he said it suited the film well but in the first song I had it swore so I quickly changed it

Implemented feedback

When I checked the form I realized I needed some special effects so I put some in I hope you enjoy it.

Insert a copy of your feedback sheet – scan it!

Here’s our Shotlist

Advertising Film Shotlist

Duration Shot Type Location (point of interest) Action
5 secs LS Bike Track – Jumps Jesse jumping over a ramp with a smile on his face. With the camera below him.
10 secs TS Bike track – Riding along the bike track. Following Jesse riding along the bike track looking happy.
10 secs POV Bike track – jumping over the bike track.  
5 secs Long shot Flying fox Jesse on the flying fox
5 secs MS Play Ground – swing Jesse swing on a swinging at the playground having a fun time.
3 secs panning Play Ground No people and panning
5 secs Long shot Open green area – with Footy Jesse marking the footy
5 secs MS Open area – kicking the footy Jesse kicking the foot to Bailey
7 secs MS Open green area – with soccer ball Passing the soccer ball to each other.
5 secs LS Open area – Frisbee Bailey throwing the Frisbee to Jesse.
3 secs PS The Leisurelink sign A panning shot to the Leuirelink sign to introduce Leuirelink.
10 secs POV Leuirelink – Going down the black hole slide Jesse with a Go-Pro going in to the black hole and having a fun time.
5 secs CU Leuirelink – Giant bucket/Dunk Bucket Jesse getting dunked by the giant bucket at Leuirelink water park.
4 secs LS Lesiurelink water park Jesse using The water guns
5 secs CU Lesiurelink Water slides Jesse making a big splash at the end of the water slide
3 secs LS Open green area with footy Jesse kicking the footy through trees like they are goals
3 secs CU Animals – on the river Calm animals being aniamls on the water.



Bike – Bike Park

Bathers – Leuirelink


I’ve finally finished my passion project I hope you like it

Did your product turn out the way you had intended?



Yes im very proud on how we worked together I didn’t think we would finish it so quickly im very happy with ben and I.


What do you feel you have done well?



I feel we recreated the goals well. Im also surprised we didn’t get distracted.


What do you think you could have improved on?


I think we could improve on filming more goals so we had more choice on what goals to put in our film and to recreate.



What did you learn through this process?



I learnt that ben and I could work well together I was very surprised that we got it done. it was also very fun.


What do you need to do better next time?


I think we needed to have more goals to put in the final video so we had more options of which goals were the best

I really loved this passion project I really enjoyed filming the goals and doing on something I love football

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