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Returning to school anxiety free

There is so much information out there at the moment about returning to school. You might be thinking, why, we are just going back to normal, but it is a change. Things have changed, people have changed and some are… Continue Reading →

Re-setting Friendships: What Parents Need to Know About the Return Back to School

This is a great article from educator, author and speaker, with a special interest in tweens and teens Michelle Mitchell. Michelle talks about helping kids understand that going back to school is not necessarily going back to how things were,… Continue Reading →

7 tips to help kids feeling anxious about going back to school

As COVID-19 lockdown measures are lifted, some children may experience social anxiety about the prospect of returning to school. People with social anxiety may fear embarrassment or the expectation to perform in social situations, or worry exceedingly about people judging… Continue Reading →

Seven priorities for a smooth transition back to school-based learning

It feels like we’ve just got this remote learning thing under control (sort of) and for some of us it’s back to school next week, with the rest not long after that. Will it be ok or will we have… Continue Reading →

Miss hugs? Touch forms bonds and boosts immune systems. Here’s how to cope without it during coronavirus

Don’t shake hands, don’t high-five, and definitely don’t hug. We’ve been bombarded with these messages during the pandemic as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19, meaning we may not have hugged people we don’t live with for months…. Continue Reading →

Introverts vs extroverts: How opposite personality types are handling lockdown

This week we will be exploring how the personality types live together harmoniously (or not) in lockdown.

Working with parents to provide practical strategies for home-supported learning

This is a condensed version of an article from Teacher Magazine, offering an evidence based approach to how parents can support their children’s learning at home. Again the emphasis is assuring parents they are not meant to be the teacher… Continue Reading →

How to help young children regulate their emotions and behaviours during the pandemic

There is some really interesting insights and practical play based ways to help young children regulate their emotions in this lock down era in this article. Self regulation is an important skill for our children to develop. We work on… Continue Reading →

Pack your snacks!

One of our amazing parents came up with this suggestion. What really helps is packing all the daily snacks into a lunch box before 8:30am, it stops complaining, wearing out a track to the fridge and the pantry, and stops… Continue Reading →

What works.. What matters.

These words came from Gabby Straud, teacher and author on a recent ABC  Q & A  program. Her advice for parents who are grappling with their new realities around their children learning from home, was to stop ourselves repeatedly asking… Continue Reading →

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