Drugs, alcohol and teenagers post the pandemic

This week we were fortunate to have leading drug and alcohol expert Paul Dillon, succeed yet again in emphasising key messages to our senior students around keeping themselves and their friends safe. Delivered remotely this year, Paul’s messages are always… Continue Reading →

Pick your battles wisely – advice for parents

It’s sage advice, to pick your battles wisely, perhaps even more so when parenting your children. In this article Michael Grose, one of Australia’s leading parenting educators, asks, do you want to win, do you pick the right time and… Continue Reading →

More dressing up for musical improvement!

Marvellous music teacher Yvette Jenner has been at it again the last few weeks with amazing costumes, including her old school uniform (which still fits – yay)! The elf had some wisdom to pass on… “Treat every day like Christmas.”… Continue Reading →

Seven priorities for a smooth transition back to school-based learning

It feels like we’ve just got this remote learning thing under control (sort of) and for some of us it’s back to school next week, with the rest not long after that. Will it be ok or will we have… Continue Reading →

Tick a few iso jobs off your list

We’re still mostly at home so here are a few jobs you might want to tackle, if you have the time and energy!

Life in lockdown – record your memories of this historic time

I know, it is the last thing on your mind, but we need to record this time in lockdown somehow. For our children and our grandchildren, to spark our memories as they dim, and to help us realise that this… Continue Reading →

Hello Harmony Weasler!

Last week Ms Jenner introduced a new and very special character to some of her students. Meet Harmony Weasler, a very musical character who is a combination of Harry and Hermione (Harmony) and Weasley and Potter (Weasler). Harmony proudly showed… Continue Reading →

The great outdoors

The Lane family are currently living at Airey’s Inlet while their house in Geelong is renovated. Good timing, what a gorgeous place to be in lock down. They are loving the great outdoors and have been walking on the beach,… Continue Reading →

Learning with whatever you can find

Mum of Will, EL4, Kaye sent is this divine pic of Will making patterns with some plastic cups he found in the pantry. It’s a smashing pyramid and I’m sure it was fun to knock down afterwards. Will looks pretty… Continue Reading →

Students won’t get through all school content while learning at home: here are 3 things to prioritise

Ha, I bet you knew this already. What to prioritise? I think we all want to know… Read more…    

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