The second Thursday of September is R U OK? Day – a day dedicated to encouraging everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them by asking the simple question “Are you OK?”
In our current context, it’s so important that we look for ways to check in with family and friends that we care for.

This year, the three campuses will be acknowledging and supporting RUOK day with age appropriate initiatives and as we approach September 10 now could be a great time to ask your child “Are you OK? and to support them in the event that they are struggling.

ReachOut Australia has created resources to help parents help their young people. Find out how you can effectively communicate with your child and some practical things to try to engage them in a meaningful conversation click here to read more.
We also remind parents of the contact details of our school councillors:

So make sure you ask your children, your partner, family and friends – RUOK?

Joan Gill
Director Student Wellbeing