On the Monday of week 4, our last ‘face to face’ day at school, I was teaching at Campbell House and several students asked what I was going to dress up as this time round. With great hesitation, I left them with an open answer as I didn’t plan on dressing up. Remote Teaching 1.0 was exhausting enough adapting to teaching online and the costumes I wore were soooo uncomfortable!

Then, that night, I checked Facebook and I was mentioned in a post by a certain wonderful teacher who is currently on Maternity Leave, who said “I hope costume preparations are coming along well for Remote 2.0 as Thursdays were my favourite day”. Thursdays were when I posted my costume for that week as I don’t work Fridays and wanted to ensure all my students were surprised by what they saw…

So I caved! This time though, I am taking a different approach to ‘Dress Ups’! I’m wearing my own, comfortable clothes and colour coordinating with make-up, hair accessories and stickers!

Yvette, you are such a trouper and looking gorgeous for your students each day.