This is a great article from educator, author and speaker, with a special interest in tweens and teens Michelle Mitchell. Michelle talks about helping kids understand that going back to school is not necessarily going back to how things were, especially in relations to their friendship groups and has some really good advice for parents.

COVID-19 has impacted our children in diverse ways, not all of which have been negative. In fact, many of our tweens and teens have flourished at home, or in smaller (and more relaxed) class groups. They have had more time, less pressure and fewer peers to compete with. As all children return to school, they will experience yet another adjustment which will be more difficult for some than others.

There is always a natural shifting and sifting of relationships during transitions. Coming back from regular school holidays, graduating to the next year level or a movement to another school or high school are all transitions that our children have experienced before. However, the transition back from isolation will have some unique factors, and there are two types of COVID-19 specific friendship dynamics I want parents to be aware of…

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