We’re still mostly at home so here are a few jobs you might want to tackle, if you have the time and energy!

Iso jobs

1. Get out in the sun and garden – weed, mulch, plant, clear out a bed your have been staring out for years, or prune for those who like instant satisfaction!

2. Marie Kondo your wardrobe – pull it all out and decide if you love it or if you wear it. If not make a bag for the op shop, for sale and one for the bin.

3. Linen cupboard – we all hoard towels and sheets. Go through your linen cupboard and see what you don’t need. Plenty of animal shelters will take anything unwanted off your hands – find out more here.

4. Pantry – if you did an iso shop you might need to have a look through the pantry and see what’s in there… plan some meals to use it, and then give it a tidy.

5. Paint a feature wall, redecorate a room or make yourself a special space for doing what you love.

6. Organise your photos – make albums, digitise and keep those precious memories safe. And show people your photos!

7. Kids rooms – you’re home, they’re home what a great time to have a clear out. Do you really still want 63 stuffed toys even though you are 15? If the kids aren’t keen suggest a room makeover once you’re done!

8.  Prepare your Tax, the end of the financial year is nigh, and if you have been working from home there are more deductions this year!

9. Clean the windows, so you can see your amazing garden (see point 1).

10. Clean the oven, horrible but satisfying.

Or don’t do any of these. Some of us in iso have a need to keep busy and achieve, and that’s fine. But others don’t have the energy, time or desire to start things during such uncertain times. Do what works for you and embrace whatever that is.