Last week Ms Jenner introduced a new and very special character to some of her students.

Meet Harmony Weasler, a very musical character who is a combination of Harry and Hermione (Harmony) and Weasley and Potter (Weasler). Harmony proudly showed off her Nimbus Cowhide 2020 and Penny wand to help the children enjoy and learn their music.

Harmony was thrilled to meet lots of other fun and surprisingly Harry Potter related characters throughout the week including a fellow Hogwart-arian from Slytherin, another Wonder Woman, a Viking, Red Riding Hood and Mrs McGonagall. There was also an amazing Wizard and her cat (Mum played the cat – well done!) and one student took one look at Harmony and reappeared, like magic, dressed as Harry Potter, complete with Harrry Potter credit cards, tickets to platform 9 and 3/4, a wand and her Harry Potter watch. Wow!