May 2020

7 tips to help kids feeling anxious about going back to school

As COVID-19 lockdown measures are lifted, some children may experience social anxiety about the prospect of returning to school. People with social anxiety may fear embarrassment or the expectation to perform in social situations, or worry exceedingly about people judging… Continue Reading →

It’s 20 years this week since the Reconciliation Walk across Sydney’s Harbour Bridge

As part of Corroboree 2000, more than a quarter of a million people walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 28 May 2000 to show their support for meaningful reconciliation between Australia’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. This great article from… Continue Reading →

More dressing up for musical improvement!

Marvellous music teacher Yvette Jenner has been at it again the last few weeks with amazing costumes, including her old school uniform (which still fits – yay)! The elf had some wisdom to pass on… “Treat every day like Christmas.”… Continue Reading →

Seven priorities for a smooth transition back to school-based learning

It feels like we’ve just got this remote learning thing under control (sort of) and for some of us it’s back to school next week, with the rest not long after that. Will it be ok or will we have… Continue Reading →

Tick a few iso jobs off your list

We’re still mostly at home so here are a few jobs you might want to tackle, if you have the time and energy!

Take it easy

We are loving this song with it’s socially distanced video clip from local band Bones and Jones. Get around it!

Miss hugs? Touch forms bonds and boosts immune systems. Here’s how to cope without it during coronavirus

Don’t shake hands, don’t high-five, and definitely don’t hug. We’ve been bombarded with these messages during the pandemic as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19, meaning we may not have hugged people we don’t live with for months…. Continue Reading →

Fun things to try while we’re still in lockdown

With the first round of restictions lifted we are starting to feel a little more normal, but there is still a long way to go before we can do all the things we love, so here’s a list of fun… Continue Reading →

Quarantine survival tips for extroverts and perfectionists — and those who live with them

I know we usually live with these people, but this is a whole different level of ‘living’ so some understanding of what exactly goes on for them is helpful. Does your child or your spouse draw energy from engaging with… Continue Reading →

Robert Tripolino live tonight at 8pm

Two of Australian musical theatre’s leading men are teaming up for a night of R&B, soul and funky acoustic classics. Geelong resident, Bert LaBonte comes fresh from the national tour of The Book of Mormon, with Robert Tripolino (OGC 2008) having… Continue Reading →

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