April 2020

What works.. What matters.

These words came from Gabby Straud, teacher and author on a recent ABC  Q & A  program. Her advice for parents who are grappling with their new realities around their children learning from home, was to stop ourselves repeatedly asking… Continue Reading →

Running out of ideas in the kitchen?

Aren’t we all… it seems like a never ending stampede to your fridge and there is never anything to eat. And on top of that you have to think of what to cook for dinner?! Food kit delivery services (and… Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, we’re here to share ideas with you!

Our teachers and students (even if they don’t tell you!) appreciate the incredible efforts you are making in juggling your time and resources (physical and emotional) in order to support your children with our remote learning program. So to say… Continue Reading →

Footpath Chalk Challenge!

When the weather is fine and you have a couple of creative geniuses just waiting to get outside and spread some love look no further than our Footpath Chalk Challenge. The video below, thanks Amanda Stewart, will give you plenty… Continue Reading →

Drama Drama Drama

For those who like a little drama in their life that isn’t family related, but more on stage, our in house Theatre guru Deb Hynes has come up with some free and fabulous things to watch! The National Theatre UK… Continue Reading →

Some sing a long fun with the Piano Bar

If you’re looking for a little something to entertain you from 7.30pm every night Geelong’s famous Piano Bar (featuring staff and Old Collegians) broadcasts and takes requests from their facebook page. Piano Bar Geelong Facebook! We have had a few… Continue Reading →

Parents and teachers, who does what

When we are home learning, Parents have plenty of jobs, being ‘the teacher’ is not one of them. Parents are there to supplement what teachers do, their focus is on helping their children be ready for learning and ensuring they… Continue Reading →

Students won’t get through all school content while learning at home: here are 3 things to prioritise

Ha, I bet you knew this already. What to prioritise? I think we all want to know… Read more…    

Leading the way for children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Another one about helping your children cope with COVID-19. How to talk to them and importantly how to keep connected to your communities. Read more…

COVID-19 does your parenting rulebook still apply?

It’s an interesting question, now that we are all living together 24/7 with few outside influences, other than the screens we try to limit. I love the first one… put yourself first. Some wise person said you can only help… Continue Reading →

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