College Music teacher Yvette Jenner has been helping her students adjust to life online with some humour and costumes!

Yvette loves her cats, family, friends and her students! In these uncertain and difficult times, she believes that music, especially now, is even more important to help with stress relief, relaxation and enjoyment. To switch off to the stresses and float away.

So she decided to give her students (and their parents) a laugh, as well as a great music lesson, by surprising them with a new character each week. So far, it has brought surprise, laughter and plenty of smiles. So far we’ve seen Granny Vett and Footy Vett, and can’t wait to see who shows up next week.

Many of Yvette’s students have also decided to change it up by dressing up, one really took it on board and disappeared from the screen only to return dressed as a Storm Trooper… Yvette has also taught Wonder Woman, Snow White, Thing 1, Batman and a very scary Zombie.

Seems like remote music is lots of fun.

Have you been dressing up?

Share some pics (appropriate please :D) with us by emailing