Mondays are for many things, but why not some music to inspire you.

Here are some places you can listen, watch, be inspired or actually join in!

Music across the balconies

Music and dance have occupied a special role in building social cohesion and community resilience in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While a biological virus travelled rapidly across the globe, in parallel a more hopeful contagion spread virally via online social networks – a movement of online music and dance engagement to keep us connected while we are physically isolated.

Follow the links to view, participate in and create this movement and contact us to update us on your own initiatives and events or to contribute blogs on your experience and tips for successful online music and dance engagement.

Couch Choir

We can still be together, even though we are apart. Couch Choir started as Pub Choir, that’s right people coming together in a pub to learn a song and sing it together. Now, pubs are closed they have brought it to the couch. You film yourself singing whichever part you like and send it in, they edit them all together and voila – couch choir. They recently did Heroes by David Bowie and 6,000 people from 45 countries joined in. there has to be something in that. Wow. Like their facebook page to find out when they are doing the next singalong!