So how did we fare in lockdown?

It’s a good question and there would be many different answers, but Deakin University surveyed 2,000 Australian parents who shared their experiences of being in lockdown, so now we know… It is the largest study of its kind in Australia,… Continue Reading →

The new normal – taking the positives from this pandemic and thriving

On Monday night the College hosted a webinar with Dr Justin Coulson. It provided an opportunity for parents to reflect back over the year so far and share thoughts around how the COVID experience impacted on families. Justin’s focus was… Continue Reading →

E-Safety’s Guide to Popular Apps

As a parent it can be mildly terrifying when your child starts talking about Snap Chat or Tik Tok or some other platform you’ve never heard of, particularly if they sound like they’ve been using it for years. Information around… Continue Reading →


Today is RUOK Day reminding us of the importance of checking in with friends and family who might be finding life tough at the moment. A simple conversation can connect us. : Ask, Listen,  Encourage action, Check in. In recognising… Continue Reading →

Dealing with homeschooling under lockdown

I can hear you all saying “another article about homeschooling or remote learning or whatever you want to call it?” And yes, it is but I think in lots of households the grind of lockdown is wearing us down. Our… Continue Reading →

RUOK Day September 10

The second Thursday of September is R U OK? Day – a day dedicated to encouraging everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them by asking the simple question “Are you OK?” In our current context, it’s so important that… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on your exam results expectations

As we draw nearer to Year 12 exams, I thought it was timely for parents to consider their expectations their child’s exam results and future plans. Hopefully with the time you have all been spending together due to COVID you… Continue Reading →

Yvette the Iso Fairy is back spreading cheer

On the Monday of week 4, our last ‘face to face’ day at school, I was teaching at Campbell House and several students asked what I was going to dress up as this time round. With great hesitation, I left… Continue Reading →

Try Being 5 Minutes Late: Common Sense Ideas to Promote Resilience

Sometimes letting your children choose for themselves is the answer. Certainly not all the time, but children need to begin to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Believe it or not most are up for the challenge, it is… Continue Reading →

Drugs, alcohol and teenagers post the pandemic

This week we were fortunate to have leading drug and alcohol expert Paul Dillon, succeed yet again in emphasising key messages to our senior students around keeping themselves and their friends safe. Delivered remotely this year, Paul’s messages are always… Continue Reading →

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