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In order to get my students to access their blogs more regularly in hope that they comment and post more regularly and put their goals into action, I have decided to make the majority of their Home Learning each fortnight online.

They are still required to complete their normal Home Learning activities (Reading, Word Studies, Maths and a Passion Project), but there is a change in how they present their work. The addition of blogging into their Home Learning can be viewed in an attachment on our class Homeroom site:

I hope that in blogging the responses to their learning, they will improve their sharing and learning from one another through discussion in the comments. In terms of using the blogs for the Passion Projects, I hope that the ideas students generate inspire others. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition …

I am also hoping that as a way of proving their Home Learning, they will get a parent to comment on one of their blog posts to verify that the activities have been done. This is my subtle way of getting the parents visiting the sites, therefore keeping them informed about our learning and also giving them another avenue for interaction with their child’s schooling.

I want blogging to always be on their mind. Become like second nature to them.

Aside from getting my students to blog their responses to Home Learning, do you have any ideas of how to increase their posting and discussing with their blogs in an authentic way?

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