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After not a lot of initiative from students to post without being asked to post by me combined with a 3 week mid year break, I decided to start fresh with our blogging this term. To launch our journey back into blogging this term, I revisited the document where we brainstormed responses to questions about blogging at the beginning of the year; the beginning of our blogging adventure.

Student Comments July – What is Blogging

We paid particular attention to how we can benefit from blogging in year 6 and used the responses to this section as a starting point for self reflection. I asked the students to think about what they are doing well as individual bloggers and then asked what they think they should focus more on. The responses from the students were not surprising, with most stating that they wanted to post more without being told and that they wanted read others posts more to learn from them and comment more on other peoples posts also.

Directly after the discussion I modeled making a post on the class Homeroom blog leaving a feeder comment for them to comment with their learnings about blogging and also a goal that they would like to focus on. The student comments can be seen on our class blog site:

6B Homeroom Page – edublog

I was happy to read all they have learnt about blogging. Most of the student learnings were not about the technical components of blogging, as I expected them to be. Most of the learnings were at a deeper level; using their blogs to inspire others and share their learning and a few mentioned about writing with a sense of audience.

I encouraged the students to get their parents involved in their blog site – allowing them the opportunity to contribute comments about their child’s learning at school. I was surprised that most students hadn’t showed their parents already and I am wondering how to encourage expanding the audience of my students’ blogs beyond the classroom.

Any ideas on how parents can be encouraged to check their child’s blogs?

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