Introduction to Blogging PD with Sue Waters

Blogging PD Notes

This was a half day professional development session with Sue Waters. The driving questions for the beginning of the session were; why should we get our students to blog?

These thought provoking questions were a great way for my learning team and I to begin our journey into blogging as it instantly gave purpose to what we were doing and why we are doing it. Upon reflection, I see a huge value in blogging. I see blogging as having many purposes that will enhance what we do at school. I intend to encourage my students to use their blogs to share / reflect / give feedback / assess / discuss / question theirs and others learning.

Sue taught us a range of useful skills to help get us started with our blogs. I have attached the notes that I took on the day of this session. She gave us a blog link to research how a teacher has set up blogging with their students.
Blogging Bootcamp site (Mr Miller):

This was ideal for narrowing my focus to how I was going to introduce it with my own students. I decided to begin by starting reasonably slow and have more of a structured approach to introducing it in a sequence of lessons beginning with discussing ‘commenting’ and doing it first in an off-line environment; in the classroom on paper.

I am looking forward to beginning blogging with my students yet am a little worried about all of the technical ‘coding’ and ’embedding’ that goes with it. I know I will learn it soon enough though … and am fairly sure that the students will teach me and thing or two as soon as we get started!

What are your initial thoughts about blogging with your students? How have you gone about introducing it with your students?

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