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Taxonomy of Reflection

Week seven- Colour sensors         

Aryan and Benjamin

Colour sensors are sensors that stop once you program a certain colour. For example. If you program it to stop at the colour red, then once the robot senses the colour red it will stop.

A EV3 Touch Sensor

Today when we were doing design. Conner wasn’t here, so it was just me and Aryan. My computer died so we had to use Aryans. We tried to get the code for the colour sensor and it worked liked a charm. Sadly, we got the code but we couldn’t get it working but at last, it worked. The colour sensor can’t stop at any colour, it can only stop at green, red, blue, yellow, orange and no colour.

The next challenge was to make our robot do a loop around a coloured square/rectangle. As you can see. The loop around didn’t work as well so we will have to work on it next week

This is the loop challenge

Robotics 7 – Colour Sensor, loops

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