Week 6 Robotics 🤖


                               Taxonomy of reflection📥

                                     Touch sensors

                                          Benjamin, Aryan and Connor

This week we were introduced to touch sensors.  Touch sensors are sensors that when it in contact, it will make the robot stop.

Aryan did the programming and I did the test outs. At first our robot with the touch sensors didn’t work,

so I helped Aryan with the coding. It still didn’t work so we were very puzzled, Aryan asked the Mr Curry but wistfully, he said that it wouldn’t help. Luckily, we got Jake so that he could help us.

Sadly, even with Jakes help it still didn’t work. So we decided to continue on our blog and write down what we did so far. Today we learnt that adding sensors is not an easy task and we will have to continue it next week

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