Week 5 Robotics


Taxonomy of Reflection

Aryan, Benjamin and Conner
Aryan, Benjamin and Conner


We did an exceptional job at building the the EV3 Lego robotics. We started by building it brick by brick. Aryan started it with the first ten pages, then I did the second ten pages and Conner did then third ten pages. We repeated it again and again until we finally got our robot built. Now we are trying to add sensors, change the wheels and see what our robot can do.


During testing the robot, we found a pattern that some times the robot moves forward in a whole bit. But some robots moves forward except that they move bit by bit. We also noticed that some are faster then others and some have more strength then others.


We can let it run on carpet, tables, plastic, etc. We are trying to add wheels on it and test what kind of things the EV3 robot can go over with different types of wheels.


Our EV3 robot fortunately worked so it is very Important that we don’t damage or brake it. It is also very critical that we keep it always on charge because then, that way we can always use it when we need to.


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