Robotics Week 2

Taxonomy of Reflection
Creating: What should I do next?   Make the robot sing and dance, teach the robot how to talk
Evaluating: How well did I do? At first, it took forever to build and program the robot, but soon after patience, persistence and motivations we succeeded.
Analyzing: Do I see any patterns in what I did? Yes , we kept changing the sensors and the wheels to see which one worked best for our robot.
Applying: Where could I use this again? On the carpet, on dirt, on sad and on grass. (Many of them may need to change the wheels
Understanding: What was important about it? It successfully worked
Remembering: What did I do? I  helped when building the robot


What We Learned 

We(Aryan, Conner and Benjamin) Learned that we needed a lot of patience, especially if you want to succeed and make your robot do what you want to do. It took a long a long time but we kept on trying and trying and then suddenly… IT WORKED! So the most important thing we learned is that nothing is impossible as long as you keep on trying!



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