In week 7 we’ve been using the colour sensor! from what I’ve found out  it can make your robot stop as soon as it senses a certain colour. It can also allow you to adjust the speed of the robot when it senses a colour, using this information and some help from Oliver (because I was away) Dom created this code:

this code consists of colour sensor commands, motor commands and it’s also repeated/ Looped. With the help of a good code the robot went 20% faster when it sensed red & MAX SPEED when it hit blue like I programmed. One of our challenges was to make it follow a black line and I never got around to that guess I’ll have to get around to that next lesson.




Week 5 display block

In week 5 Dom, Archie and I learnt how to use the display block, the display block enables us to record custom sounds and add images it also enables us to write on the screen. our first challenge was to make our robot say hello world.

The second challenge was to have hello on the top line and world on the bottom but we had a problem the problem was, that I didn’t know that we needed to use 2 display blocks.

I think our group needs too come up with some goals like making our robot stop before hitting something and say *that was close*


By Will Fenwick 5A

Week 2 Robotics

Last week my group (Dom, Archie) and I learnt how to build and program an EV3 Lego robot, it was super fun and challenging, it was challenging because we had never really experienced building and programming a robot, we also got to name our robot, we named it BRUH.

We built it by following instructions from our laptops. It was important to listen so that we followed all the steps in the right order.

Teamwork was another important bit because we needed each other for help and tips.

We each had roles I was the builder and collector Dom was taking videos and Archie was taking photos but we all did programming we programmed our robot to go left, right, forwards and backwards , we also programmed our robot to move forward for 3 seconds and backwards for 3 seconds. here is a photo of Dom Archie BRUH and I.

From now on we will keep working hard.


by Will Fenwick