Step counter the step counter was fun to make I really like doing it because it is not as hard as other projects I have done before. as you can see it says in the code it has change steps by one on shake so every time you shake it, it counts it as a […]

Makey Makey

What is electricity? electricity is a source of energy which can be generated by windmills. electricity that is generated can be controlled and sent through wires. it can power heaps of things around you such as a heater to keep you warm or a fan to keep you cool.   what uses electricity? if you […]


Refugee is a book we are reading in class. It is about a fourteen year old boy who is travelling from Afghanistan to Australia. Their boat almost sunk on the way to Australia until the Australian border control saw them. They thought they were safe at last but when they went to a detention centre […]


In this photo you can see a green flag at the top when I was given to debug this there was no green flag at the top so nothing could move or dance and the code wouldn’t start, the character just stood there not dancing or doing what the code said. To make it more […]