Week 8 Lesson 8

Group members: Oliver Howkins 5A, Noah Ivisic 5A, Liam Jones 5D, Cadel Cross 5B.


Today we learnt how to make JEFF follow a black line. It was very fun, so much better than last week because we communicated well and we all worked together.

The programming was very hard so we asked Mr Colbert if we could have some help. He said to look it up online, so we did. The programme looked very hard and we didn’t know what to do.


As it turns out the programme was actually really easy, it was just a loop with a switch button that we didn’t know how to use and two move tanks in the loop and switch.


SUCCESS!!! After a few attempts to make JEFF follow the black line (He had been falling off the track) he wiggled round the black line and kept going. It was incredible!!! Mr McKie had said that if your robot wiggles round the track we were doing the right thing.

The next step was making JEFF follow the black line without wiggling quite so much. Indy (5C) had mastered it so we asked if we could have a look at his programme. We couldn’t find any difference so we were a bit confused.

I wonder what we are going to be doing next term?

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