Week 7


One of our challenges today related to colour sensors. The other challenge was focusing on loops. Challenge 1 was making JEFF move forward and stop/slow down when he reached a piece of red paper. Challenge 2 was loops, which you can use to repeat commands. We had to use loops to make our robot go around a square piece of paper.

The loop button


Colour sensors are SOOOO much harder than we expected! They are really hard to programme! The first 10 go’s were fails but eventually we came up with a way to make JEFF slow down and turn as he hit the red paper.

The programme we used to make our robot slow down when he reached the paper

Here is JEFF slowing down  ↓

Next, we attacked the loops. We had already figured out how to use them before this challenge so we found this a bit easy, but not the next part…

Who knew that making a robot move around a piece of paper was so hard? We certainly didn’t. It must have taken us at least a hundred tries to make JEFF move around the piece of paper but eventually we did it. We also programmed the loop so that when you bump the touch sensor JEFF will stop.

This is the programme we used  ↓

This is JEFF moving around the piece of paper    ↓

How well did we do?

I think we could have done better this week because we didn’t communicate well so we all kind of went off to do our own things. We need to improve on that next week.

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