Challenge 6 Week 6 – Touch sensors

Week 6

Group members: Noah Ivisic, Liam Jones, Cadel Cross and Oliver Howkins (me)

Because I had to leave a bit early for the long weekend last Friday I didn’t have enough time to do the voice recording but Liam has now taught me how to record and we made the newly named JEFF go forward whilst saying hi and showing a picture of us holding our robot.


Today we learnt how to use the touch sensors. I didn’t think they looked like touch sensors at first because I was thinking of the wrong thing; I thought touch sensors did something when you put your fingertip onto them.


Today we were set 2 challenges, challenge one was making our robot bump into our hands and stop and challenge 2 was making our robot bump into the wall and reverse then turn 90 degrees and go forward.


We were confused at first because JEFF would bump into our hands and not stop but we worked out that we had to take our hand away once he had connected with the palm of our hand in order to stop. We felt very happy once we worked this out and we moved onto challenge 2. We programmed JEFF to drive into the wall and as soon as his sensor hit the wall he would back up and turned 90 degrees and then go forward.


One of the routines that I hadn’t done before was programme, test, programme, test, maybe succeed, blog. I found it much easier as the thing I was blogging about had happened about 10 seconds earlier.


From the videos I have seen about LEGO League and things like that I would like to take part in at least one of the big challenges. I reckon that touch sensors could be really useful in things like that.


I would like to learn how to make a robot, with a spade attached to its front, raise the spade above its head and drop a piece of LEGO into a container.

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