Lesson 5

Lesson 5 – Week 5

Group members: Noah Ivisic, Liam Jones, Cadel Cross

My group and I learnt how to put text (such as ‘Hello world’ and ‘I feel sick…’) and pictures onto the screen of our robot today. We struggled with the text but not with the pictures as all you had to do was select a file unlike figuring out where to put the text and what to do next but we carried on and figured out how to do it.

We also learnt how to put colour sensors on and make them work, but we realized that we weren’t supposed to, and stopped. We had a few computer issues (not being able to access the student portal and the robot not registering what we were asking it to do) but we fixed them.

I am really enjoying design this term. I just hope it carries on for the rest of the year.



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